Unitive Business: Healing the trauma of sexual harassment in the workplace

The amazing women who were brave enough to reveal the truth of their sexual harassment experiences in the workplace have helped countless other women step forward to collectively reveal a pervasive issue. Maybe some of us believed this level of sexual harassment in the workplace mostly fizzled years ago.

I’m confident the women who spoke up were able to receive some healing by coming forward. The problem is, trauma is still present in these women and will not fully heal until they receive understanding from the person who caused them harm. Firing and suing the men responsible while leaving the victims traumatized does not promote healing. Some of these women will most likely go through the court system to find justice and probably settle out of court. This course of action may provide justice in our current sense of the word, but will not provide healing the people impacted or solve this cultural problem. Those who decide to go to court will find themselves re-traumatized during the process. 

Surely, the men will pay a hefty price, but never truly gain an understanding of how the women affected were personally impacted. The companies involved will also suffer a significant financial impact. The workplace culture will also suffer, and most likely silently. 

Conflict resolution supported by the Unitive Business Model can remedy this emotional stuckness by creating an understanding between all parties in conflict. It allows the space to create healing around a toxic cultural norm and help to change that norm.

Questions can receive answers. Women impacted want to know, “Am I safe?” and “Where do we go from here?” Recently, men have approached me, asking real questions about ‘where to draw the line.’ Questions regarding what is considered crossing the line are indeed legitimate in our broken system.

We are witnessing a culturally-ingrained failure; a complete system malfunction; something that will not be solved in the court system or by banishing the men who chose to act.

The conflict management tools in the Unitive Business Model supports real conflict resolution that allows everyone impacted by a particular event to achieve understanding, dissolve defensive barriers and negotiate mutually-beneficial action.

The Unitive Business Model allows a safe space for healing to occur through proven conflict resolution tools that get to the core of the conflict quickly, so everyone can begin the healing process.

If you are interested in learning more about resolving conflict and supporting healing around sexual harassment in the workplace, connect with me at sara@saradaves.com.

Sara Daves is a conflict resolution facilitator and a purpose coach. She facilitates workshops on Unitive Business, teaches conflict management and negotiation strategies  and also holds workshops for those who want to clarify their life purpose, step into their authenticity and thrive. She is a former communications executive and holds an advanced degree in Organizational Psychology.

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