Anchoring the Consciousness of Oneness World Summit


Bonus Interviews

Bonus #1: In this interview, Wahe Guru Singh talks about yoga, meditation and the neutral mind — which is developed through meditation, and is the most difficult to develop.

Bonus #2: You’ll listen to Evan Sanders guide his guest, Char, through the UNIfication process. He discusses the Divine Masculine and Feminine relationship, as well as our relationship with Source.

Both Evan and Wahe Guru have a background in numerology and have a profound knowledge of the power of words.

Bonus #3: As the Oneness World Summit comes to a close, join us for a Guided Meditation and Closing Blessing, led by Wahe Guru.

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Wahe Guru Singh

Wahe Guru is a yoga educator in the tradition of Ten Body Kundalini Yoga and Yogic Numerology. He has worked for spiritual communities and studied with some of the worlds leading authorities on yoga for over twenty years. He has 700 hours of yoga certifications and has devoted thousands of hours to personal practice and study. 

He currently lives in Virginia, where he works in the natural food industry, helping to bring locally grown foods to the surrounding community. He also teaches meditation and offers numerology readings online. 

interview with Wahe Guru Singh


Evan Sanders

Evan Sanders is the founder of the UNI Foundation and a teacher of principles that support unification on the planet.

UNIty already is … and UNIfication is the process of acknowledging and then removing the layers of beliefs that separate us, so that we can tap into the full consciousness of Oneness. Evan lives in Northern California with his love, Paulina.

To learn more about Evan and the UNI Foundation, visit

audio interview with Evan Sanders


Closing Meditation and Blessing with Wahe Guru Singh