The Power of Sisterhood

In April 2017, I attended a workshop in Monterey, California, with hundreds of women who were just beginning their spiritual based business. I had not planned on attending this workshop, but I received an email from a spiritual-based business coach who was offering free admission to the workshop for those who wanted to attend.

I ended up getting a free flight, too. That’s a pretty cool manifesting story for another time.

This workshop was amazing. More than 400 women came together and learned how to begin building our businesses in ways that felt natural to the feminine nature, which looked nothing like the corporate worlds most of us came from. We discovered it was possible to build a thriving business with authenticity, collaboration and love.


I had never been witness to so many spiritual entrepreneurs in one room, and they were all female! I made several lifelong friends that week. I will never forget one of the exercises we did, which affirmed my belief in the power of women coming together as a tribe to love and support one another.

I did not always have nor want the support of women in my life. Like so many other women I’ve worked with, I once believed that the feminine essence was not valuable and could offer me nothing I couldn’t provide for myself.

This experience was one of many during that incredible week that changed my belief around the value of having a group of amazing women to lift me up so I could confidently step into my own power. I also felt the power that came from helping to uplift them. Our combined energies created an energy that felt magical and incredibly powerful. Our compassion for one another fueled our personal passions for our own work.

We came together in small groups to share our stories with one another. We also spent some time sharing what our business aspirations were and why we were being called to serve in that particular way.

It didn’t matter that we had just met. We were there for each other in that moment, really hearing and seeing one another.

After we shared our stories, we were asked to describe each of the women in the group, with a just one word. Focusing our attention on one woman at a time, we began to say aloud the words that we felt described her.

When the exercise was over, we were given a note card with all the words that were used to describe us personally. This image represents the words on the card I received.

I created this image because I never want to forget how these women saw me in that moment. When I look at it, I remember the bond that was created between a group of women who had spent only one week together. We came together as strangers and left as sisters.

Since then, I have met and reconnected with so many more amazing women who I have profound love and respect for, and we know that we can rely on one another when we are in need of love, support, advice or just a boost of confidence.

Having the support of women is one of the most powerful gifts a woman can receive.

Creating a safe and inviting space for women to connect is my intention for the Thriving Goddess Sisterhood. There is great power in belonging to a sisterhood, full of amazing women with big, beautiful hearts.

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Love and light,

Sara Daves, Purpose Coach
Purpose Coach

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