Sow your seeds, resurrect your dreams

Now that spring is here, I’m planting seeds for my vegetable garden. For me, there is nothing better than digging in the dark, rich soil to help create life-giving sustenance. And there is no other time for it, so I must act now.

This is also the time that I allow the space for feeling into what seeds I would like to plant for the new year. The new year hasn’t really arrived until my daffodils have bloomed.

This is the time I set my greatest intentions. I sow the seeds.

I love the regeneration that happens this time of year – Mother Nature magically resurrects all that was lost in the death of fall and winter. This is the time for rebirth; not just for the flowers and trees but also for ourselves.

I’m creating the space to imagine what is possible this year. I feel the magic swirling – the universe at work. It is as painful as it is uplifting, but embracing the light and the dark is what makes us whole.

Resurrection of lost dreams can bring on unimaginable pain. The pain of believing you have made the wrong decisions, of what could have been, how many years have passed that we believe we have wasted living out the expectations of others or some system we belong to – but no time has been wasted; we have only grown in wisdom and strength.

I want you to feel into the lost dreams that you once decided to let go of out of fear; you know, that fear you had that you wouldn’t be able to achieve them because of (insert reason here). If your dream still feels relevant to you, if it still stirs your soul, now is the time to begin thinking about resurrecting it.

Resurrecting what you have once considered dead can be a frightening experience. It’s not for the faint of heart. You have to embrace your inner warrior in order to walk that path. It wasn’t a simple decision for me, to resurrect my dreams. It was a long, cold and lonely walk through the dark night of the soul.

During that frightening experience, I recalled what my dearest friend once said to me, “You don’t overcome fear, you harness it and let it work for you. Fear is your friend.”

So I did. Using my fear as an energy reserve helped me see the options in front of me more clearly and consider what really is possible.

You only have this one life as you. Don’t waste it.

You must sow your seeds now.

Love and light,

Sara Daves
Purpose Coach

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