7 Big Lessons I Learned about Manifesting

In January, I completed two huge projects and began setting my intentions to create something new: a self-guided, online manifesting course. My goal was to create a course that would not only be a tremendous value to my clients, but also an affordable alternative to individual coaching for those who have a pretty good idea of their purpose.

I had some ideas about what it would look like. And today, it looks nothing like that initial idea.

In February, I began creating the space to begin. My vision was an 8-week online course that would help people eliminate common blocks that keep them from creating the life of their dreams and provide the tools to manifest those dreams into reality.

From then to now, that idea has blossomed into a 12-month full immersion program with four distinct courses and 26 modules. I’m sitting here feeling incredibly proud to have birthed something so special. It includes everything I’ve learned – most times the hard way.

While I “logically” understood the concepts I wanted to share with my clients, it wasn’t until I fully lived out certain life experiences during the manifestation process that I actually understood it in the fiber of my being.

In order to create a program of this caliber, I needed to learn each lesson first-hand. It took me 21 weeks of trial and error and lesson-learning before I was ready to offer something this special.

I’m going to share with you some of the lessons I learned experientially, while manifesting this program into existence.

Lesson #1: Linear time is irrelevant

The process of building this program taught me a lot about manifesting. It has reminded me over and over again that linear time means nothing in the manifesting process. Often times, the universe knows what you want better than you do, and amazing creations do not happen overnight.

I continued to open myself up to inspiration and found ways to expand my vision while moving in unison with divine timing. This helped me to actually bend time and accomplish my goals with complete focus.

In our third-dimensional reality, we experience linear time. But in all other realities, time is not linear, it is fluid.

If I had taken complete control of this process, I would have had an 8 week online course completed in February. And while it may have served my clients on some level, it would not be the comprehensive course with content that can actually reprogram the subconscious mind and transform lives.

Lesson #2: Take Inspired Action

As I mentioned earlier, in February, I began creating. And by March, I found myself deeply entrenched in a dark night of the soul experience that lasted for six weeks. Seemingly, nothing of any importance was accomplished during this time.

I didn’t recognize the value of this experience until after it was over.

In those six weeks, I allowed myself to rest, and followed my intuition, which told me that right now is not the time for creating. I must first release the pain of old, buried wounds that would inevitably get in my way and quite possibly destroy my ability to move my life in the direction it needed to go.  

I felt my way through all of it and got to the other side – as I always do.

Pain is a part of life. Suffering is a choice. Moving through the pain is the best gift you can give yourself. I did not pull up my big girl pants and put a smile on my face. I instead allowed myself to feel every single ounce of it.

Stuffing pain creates thick walls that you only have to break down later by doing the inevitable. Moving through the pain.  

Once that phase completed, the space opened up again for me to create. And I had so much more of myself to give.

Lesson #3: Release What No Longer Serves You

I had get very brave and release the people, places and things that were not serving my highest good. I had to settle the indecision within myself by accepting all the parts of me that wanted different things. I had to honor those parts of me so I could come into wholeness.

Once you’re whole, there are no more decisions to make, only actions to take.

I watched karmic cycles come to completion. I cleared the space and got ready for the next inspired action.

When you make room for all the things you’ve asked for, the universe will bring them swiftly into your reality.

The act of releasing is a powerful practice. You can use this practice to release negative beliefs, a bad habit, negative self-talk, goals you may have outgrown or staying in situations that are not serving your highest good.

Lesson #4: Don’t Settle for Scraps

The universe will bring signs into your life that are actually tests.

Sometimes, the signs you receive are clues to let you know that source has heard you and is working alongside you to help you manifest your desires, and your patience is being requested.

But sometimes, you are being tested to see if you really want what you’re asking for. I call these signs the beta test.

Often, we misinterpret the “test” for the real thing. It’s up to you to decipher. You do this by studying what has manifested in your reality. You ask yourself and others questions to discover if it is exactly the thing you asked for.  

If your self-worth is not in check, then you will jump at the first sign of a manifestation coming into reality. The trick is to not accept it unless it is exactly what you want.  

Lesson #5: Trust that the Universe has Your Back

Even if you think you’ve screwed up the manifesting process, know that you received exactly what you needed in order to grow in whatever way that was necessary for you receive your desires.  

We are in a time-space reality based on polarity and contrast. We learn what we want based on experiencing what we don’t want. All of your experiences have been necessary in order for you to become very clear about what life experience you actually want to manifest in your life.  

Clarity is the only way you can manifest exactly what you want into reality.

We are always co-creating with the universe, because we are a part of the whole of all that is. We cannot create alone, because nothing is created alone.

The universe will always have your back because you are an extension of source consciousness. It is you, and you are it.  

You must choose over and over again to trust that the universe has your back, even when it’s hard. This does not mean you sit back and do nothing to set your goals in motion. The universe cannot do it all. You have to work as hard as you want the universe to work for you. But don’t try to control the process.

Instead, get curious and take inspired action. You do not need to have it all figured out. You cannot know all of the wonderful treats the universe has in store for you.

Lesson #6: Love your Shitty Work

The 8 week program I wanted six months ago would have been pretty damn good. But it would have been nothing as awe-inspiring as what I’ve created in the last few months. Next to what I have now, it would look shitty.

As my dad would say – It’s all relative.

When I say “Love your shitty work,” I don’t mean that you should create an attachment to a particular outcome. If I had been attached to what I originally created, I wouldn’t have been able to let it go for something better. And it kept getting better and better – and better.

Even two weeks before the course launched, I had a quick conversation with my aunt, and as a result, I made significant changes – again. And the program was better for it.

I knew it was finished when all my doubt was erased, which came from the practice of trusting my inner voice.

Lesson #7: Just Begin

It doesn’t matter how you begin, as long as you begin. It does not matter if you don’t know how you will see your desires unfold, or which steps to take first. You only need to take one step, and then another – and know “what” it is that you want and “why” you want it.

The “how” is none of your business.

And the more you can detach from the outcome, the better. Human beings cannot predict exactly how the future will unfold. All of life is a journey, and when the journey is over, you go back to being the pure, divine spirit you are with the full recognition of your connection to everything.

So go ahead and play with the universe. If you are willing to play with it, it will play with you.

You have this one life as YOU. There will never be another YOU again.

 Love and light,

Sara Daves, Purpose Coach

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