How to Work with the Moon’s Energies


We have a second new moon coming up on July 31, 2019. This is a powerful manifesting moon cycle, as it is happening in conjunction with the two eclipses and Mercury Retrograde. The time is now to begin setting intentions for the rest of 2019.

Any area of your life that you’re feeling blocked, or any projects or relationships that have stalled have a very good chance of resurrecting now. It’s a perfect time for going back to the drawing board and creating new ways to bring your desires into your reality.

You will want to make sure that you’re intentional about who and what you allow back into your life so you don’t repeat cycles that no longer serve you. But sometimes, revisiting the past can be extremely healing.

New moons are like a reset button that can get you back on track toward your goals with outcomes that you never thought were possible.

This new moon will help you do just that.


Everyone can use the moon phases to manifest.

The feminine essence has a an innate understanding of this connection. We are vibrationally-aligned with the energy of the moon and can use the different phases for creation. When we remember the basic principles of these energies, we can manifest anything into being.

This guide will help you determine when and how to set intentions, when to take action in the physical world, practice patience or seek solitude.

To read a comprehensive guide to working with the different moon phases, click here.

You can use this guide to manifest anything you want; love, prosperity, connection and bring your own creations into reality.

Love and light,

Sara Daves, Purpose Coach




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