It’s Harvest Time. Get ready to receive.

I’m nearly ready to harvest the last goodies from my garden. I’m feeling immense gratitude for the abundance of summer. Sitting on my back patio, I’m reflecting on the consistent love and care that went into this harvest, and it has paid off.

My plants always seem to be overgrown and a little out of control by summer’s end. Every year, I plan ways to preserve all that goodness to enjoy through winter, but I always end up letting it go to friends and family.

This also marks Harvest Time in other areas of my life. Today is my birthday. I’m feeling immense gratitude for my own personal harvest time; the beginning of my new personal year.

Now is when I reflect on all the manifestations that the universe has co-created with me this year so far. It’s also the day of the year when I plant my new seeds of intention. It won’t be long before I will witness my intentions take root. There will be times over the next 12 months when I’ll be called to take inspired action and there will also be times when I am called to let go.

Release and Allow

For those of us living in areas of the world that experience the four seasons, saying goodbye to summer can feel nostalgic as we long to experience the eternal promise of exuberant freedom; when we feel carefree and open to possibilities.

But we only say goodbye until next year. And before next summer arrives, we get to experience the spectacular colors of fall, cozy winter evenings under our favorite blanket – and then comes the birth of spring.

The intentions I’ve set could only manifest once I released certain beliefs that were no longer serving me. Several doors closed and are now bolted shut. As we grow into better versions of ourselves, sometimes we cannot hold onto the same people, places, things, or ideas of who we are and reach our desired destination.

This year, I’ve experienced highs and lows. Such is life. I’m grateful for all of it. It’s how we learn. And we can only go as high as we fall.

When we learn to receive without expectation, the highs are even sweeter. And the lows, while they can sometimes feel soul wrenching, are not necessarily bad – the only bad part is the stories we tell ourselves.

As heartbreaking as those moments were, I found comfort in the empty space, because I knew I was exchanging it all for something more meaningful and more in alignment with who I have become.

Perception is everything.

The carefree energy and openness I once felt will again return, just like summer. I trust that the universe is always working for me.  

Let Your Heart Lead

During transition, melancholic and pensive emotions coupled with gratitude and excitement can confuse the mind.

So I let my heart lead.

Choosing to lead with the heart instead of the mind is risky. At times, you will experience pain. If you are not leading with your heart, life’s richness and beauty will consistently evade you.

Today, I am in love with life. I’m finding immeasurable beauty in the fact that we are always learning and growing.

The growth I’ve experienced led me to immense treasure. My treasure chest is comprised of the heart-based work I do with my clients who are on their own unique journeys. Being a witness to their growth is worth so much more than I could have ever dreamed.

I’m living my true purpose.

This year, I also manifested lots of amazing tangible things and experiences. I appreciate every ounce of them. Yet, living my purpose is the most satisfying by far; more than any security, status, vacation or tangible item I could ever dream up.

Purpose is the highest indicator of happiness. Once you find and embrace your purpose, everything else is just a bonus.

Co-create with the Universe

When I clearly set my intentions with everything I’ve got, the only thing left to do is simply get out of the way. And the universe will move mountains to bring it into my experience. The same is true for everyone.

There are times when we must let go and trust that the universe has our back.

This is why your relationship with the universe matters. 

How you interact with the universe, (or Creator, God, Source Consciousness, or whatever label feels good to you) will dictate how you’re able to work with it. There are only three ways you can work with this energy, and these ways are dictated by what you believe.

The three types of beliefs are:

  1. The universe is always working with you and for you,

  2. The universe is your adversary and working against you, or

  3. The universe is neutral and neither helping you nor hurting you.

If your belief is that the universe is out to get you, you end up tormented because you are playing against something much bigger than yourself and there is no way to win. If you believe the universe is neutral and simply doesn’t care, then you believe that you are in full control and therefore unable to witness your divine gifts when they arrive.

Belief #1 is by far the easiest to work with. It creates a space where you can begin to find proof that the universe is on your side and does indeed have your back. From this perspective, everything looks different. But if this way of believing is foreign to you, it can certainly feel like the most difficult choice.

Our beliefs create our reality.

“We all have an organic relationship with source consciousness. There is nothing you need to do in order to create this relationship. You only need to acknowledge it.”

You Are Part of the Whole

Quantum physics tells us that connection is our true reality.  You are a divine being simply because you are an extension of source consciousness. We are all unique expressions of one energy.

All of the sacred texts back up that claim. We are always co-creating with the universe because we are a part of the whole – part of the Oneness that is the Truth. We cannot create alone, as nothing is created alone.

Manifesting your desires requires knowing that you are a part of the whole. When you understand that you are loved beyond measure, you can relax and fall in love with life, no matter what happens.

And you begin to understand that the stories you create around your life experiences are nothing more than movies that you create in your mind. And all movies end. Yet, our relationship with Source is never-ending.

Embrace Change

Life is full of change, like the seasons. Change is the only constant in our human existence. Embracing change is how we learn and expand. We must embrace all the parts of life, even the uncomfortable ones. And then we grow.

Change becomes easier to digest once you understand that it means the universe is always working in your favor and grooming you to receive your desires.

And for me, it’s harvest time. It’s time to step fully into the life experience I asked for, because a new book is being written as we speak.

What manifestations are you harvesting right now?

The Harvest Moon is happening on September 14th at 12:33 ET. At this full moon, give yourself some space to reflect on all the goodness you have received this year so far.

Even if you haven’t yet manifested everything you want, you still have something to be grateful for. Embracing gratitude opens your eyes to all the wonderful gifts the universe has already bestowed upon you.

Settling into the unwavering truth that the universe has your back can feel risky, but it’s actually the safest truth there is. Anything else creates false perceptions that block you from gratitude and freedom, which is how joy is experienced.

And joy is the ultimate creator. 

My wish for you is that you give yourself permission to trust that the universe will do whatever is necessary to grow you, so you can manifest every single ounce of your heart’s desires.

Love and light,

Sara Daves, Purpose Coach


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