Girlfriend’s Guide to Manifesting


While there are certain points to keep in mind about the manifesting process, becoming a conscious manifestor is really more of a lifestyle than a particular set of rules. The process of manifesting can feel overwhelming because most of us have bought into societal norms that encourage us to believe that we must be in complete control over external outcomes. This is an awful Untruth.

Yes, we need to honor our masculine essence to take action in the world, but we must also honor the other half of our wholeness — our feminine essence, which helps us to receive what we are asking for with a lot less work and frustration.

Here are 11 basic steps of the manifesting process. This list is not exhaustive but it’s an ideal place to begin. If you find that any of these steps feel difficult, it means there is inner work that needs to occur before you can begin manifesting what you desire.

Step 1: Embrace your divine feminine essence.

We all embody the dualistic presence of both the masculine and the feminine, although we tend to lead with one or the other. The problem is, the feminine essence has been deemed for centuries as not valuable. For women in particular, the feminine essence is the energy you chose to incarnate with and it is your most powerful manifesting tool. When you learn how to get comfortable in this energy and relax into the space of receiving, the whole world will open up for you. 

Step 2:  Replace fear-based thinking with joyful emotions.

Fear-based thinking closes you off from focusing on what you want. You attract what you focus on. Manifesting from a place of fear will create outcomes that cannot satisfy you, because you are working with energy that is the opposite of loving excitement.  When you notice that you are entertaining thoughts that are based in fear, it’s time to stop whatever you’re doing and practice self-care. It literally doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you are choosing something that feels good — because joy is the ultimate creator.

Step 3: Get vulnerable.

Getting vulnerable feels like weakness, but it is actually the most courageous act there is. Showing up vulnerable is not easy — it requires you to share your true, authentic self, which inherently feels unsafe because it’s human nature to want to be loved and accepted. The ego spins stories about how we have to always present positive and perfect, which is literally impossible.

Practicing vulnerability becomes easier once you get to know who you are deep down, underneath all of the layers of protective armor you’ve piled on throughout your life. With this practice, you are giving yourself permission to be YOU, and you are a perfect expression of source consciousness. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable helps you get comfortable in your own skin and acknowledge your true desires, which have nothing to do with the fear-based desires you might have tricked yourself into believing you want.

Step 4: Dream big, and then dream bigger. 

As children, we used our imaginations to dream up unlimited ways to have fun. Societal systems have spread the belief that using the imagination is useless. You may have learned that using your imagination is not only silly but irresponsible. Collectively, we learned that we must think logically so we could grow up into responsible adults, which meant working, planning, making safe decisions and controlling outcomes. When you open yourself up to the power of your imagination, the possibilities become endless. Allow yourself to stretch your imagination as far as you can, and then challenge yourself to dream bigger. Imagination is the place where joy lives. And joy is the most powerful tool we have to create.

Step 5: Set your intentions.

Your dreams can become your reality when you set intentions based upon them. Setting your intentions in a peaceful internal state is the first major action you will take to place your order with the universe. Once you have clarity around what you want to manifest, simply anchor the intention by writing it all down, in detail. The details are important, because it helps you move into the feeling of what it’s like to actually have it. Once you have written your list, say it aloud. Words are actually powerful spells. Words spoken aloud are immediately anchored into the energy of universal creation, as the universe was created with sound.

Using moon cycles to assist you with intention setting is also a powerful practice. Always end your intention setting ritual with the declaration: “This or something better.”

Step 6: Let go. 

Letting go is the most powerful practice in the art of receiving your manifestations. It is not up to you to determine how or when your manifestations will be brought to you. Your only responsibility is to determine What you want and Why you want it. The When and How are none of your business. 

Step 7:  Trust the process.

Trust that the universe wants to bring you everything your heart desires. There will be times that the ego will take over and create doubt in your mind. Simply recognizing the voice of the ego will help you bypass its messages. Your ability to trust the process is directly determined by the relationship you have with the universe. If you believe that you are unable to co-create with universal energy, you are still under the spell of feeling like you must control outcomes.

Step 8: Go with the flow.

Staying open to possibilities will allow your manifestations to arrive quickly. You do not know how your manifestations will arrive, but using your intuition will help you know when to act. The more you practice tapping into your inner voice, the stronger it will become. During the manifestation process, it’s important to remember to keep a high vibration so you can stay in vibrational alignment with your desires — and notice when opportunities arise. Your vibration or frequency raises with self-care, gratitude, healthy eating and positive environments. The higher your vibration, the stronger your intuition will become. Going with the flow includes taking inspired action — and your intuition will alert you when it’s time.

Step 9: Stay in the vibration of gratitude. 

In order to be open to receiving your gifts, you must be in vibrational alignment with what you are asking for. Following step 8 will help you get there, but without feeling grateful for what you already have, you will not be able to receive more. A hack you can use is to create awareness of how you’re feeling throughout the day. When you’re feeling low, give yourself something to be grateful for: whether it’s simply the awareness of what you already have, a nap or a piece of chocolate. You get the idea. It is impossible to vent and be in a state of gratitude at the same time. Having a daily gratitude practice not only lifts your mood but it also brings you more things to be grateful for. 

Step 10: Don’t settle for scraps.

The universe will test your self-worth by bringing some or most of what you asked for. This is not a punishment. Instead, it is the universe’s loving way of making sure you are ready for what you asked for. The way to show you’re ready is to not settle for just a portion of what you want. If there are some details missing about what has manifested for you, and they are not deal breakers, then those details are not what I’m talking about. Settling for scraps means that you have asked for a very specific thing and all of it has not arrived yet, but you take it anyway, because of the potential that it could someday be exactly what you want, or you’re afraid not to take it because you believe that it’s the best you’re going to get. Let these options pass by and keep the space open for exactly what you want.  

Step 11: Receive your gifts. 

When your gifts arrive, they may not arrive in the way you anticipated. Remember, the How and the When are not your business. They may arrive in ways that pull you right out of your comfort zone. You have to be willing to accept what the universe has delivered to you, as long as you aren’t settling. This is why you set your intentions with the declaration: “This or something better.” The universe often knows better than you do about what will bring you the most happiness, because our minds can easily trick us with fear-based desires. And the universe wants you to be happy.  

Need more guidance?

These steps seem relatively simple, right? Well, they are. Yet, we rarely fully embrace them. While the feminine is naturally wired to manifest in the way I’ve just described, centuries of oppression and cultural norms have rewired the feminine perception, which can sometimes make this simple process incredibly difficult. 

I delve into the depths of the manifesting process in the Manifest Like a Goddess Program to help you rewire your internal programming and gain a true understanding of how to implement these steps. It is crucial to understand this process from a place of knowing — not just logical deduction. This knowing occurs with practice in anchoring the information into the heart space.

And if there are wounds to heal before you can get there, that’s OK. Life is a journey and you will never stop learning and growing.  It’s all part of the process. Everything is happening perfectly and you have not wasted any time.

Love and light,

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