When the dark cloud comes, just hold space.

I’m reminiscing about when life was simple.

This is a picture of me on my dad’s boat in 1998. I didn’t have one worry in the world. Life was good.

We are all having our own personal experience with this quarantine. Life has become more simple and complicated, all at once. There are a lot of emotions to sift through.

I’m mostly vacillating between feeling anxiety (that doesn’t belong to me) and exhilaration (because we all get to experience a much-needed reset).

At times, the collective anxiety seems to hover over me like a dark cloud. And at other times, the sun shines brightly, filling me up with creative inspiration that I haven’t felt in a really long time.

When the dark cloud comes, I just hold space.

It has as much right to be here as the sun. 

The duality we’re all experiencing is helping us gain clarity on what we truly value. To find this clarity, we have to hold space for both polarities to show up, however they do.

But I want to talk about the dark cloud for a moment. A lot of what we are experiencing right now is fear — which is largely present because we perceive reality through our own personal traumas.

When we find ways to become and balanced and aligned, we can take responsibility for our own experiences and find peace in the present moment.

We are all going to get through this. And when we get to the other side, our gifts will be waiting. 

Are you curious about what it means to live your true life’s purpose?


I’m sending you all so much love and light.

Sara Daves, Purpose Coach

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