It’s time to unlock your purpose.

We are experiencing a collective growth spurt with this pandemic and the widespread awareness of the severity of social injustice. We’re learning more about the world we live in, the people in our lives and ourselves.

We’ve been shaken awake and pulled out of our uncomfortable comfort zones in the Unknown. It’s not so comfortable there, either — but this is the only place where change can occur. No mud, no lotus.

Our lives have changed in so many ways, and this fact is bringing us into the awareness of whether we have been living into our values, or if we’ve just been doing business as usual without question.

We’re questioning the way we work, the way we interact with our social groups and families, and how we spend our free time. We’re learning how to ‘be’ with ourselves. We’re learning of all the things we do not want to experience in our lives, and considering what kind of world we want to live in.

This is good news, because it’s only when you learn what you don’t want is when you can discover what you do want. Maybe for the first time in your life you’re allowing yourself to question everything. This questioning creates the space for purpose to emerge.

How do we discover our purpose?

We learn about ourselves. We get uncomfortable. We grow.

Getting in touch with your inner self (passions, desires and dreams put on hold) can create a profound awakening of purpose.

Imagine this: What if everyone discovered their purpose during this time and stepped into their unique mission in life to serve others in the way that only they can? How would the world change?

Would we say goodbye to oppression? Would we implement current and yet-to-be-discovered technologies that would erase war, world hunger, homelessness and pollution? Would we learn how to resolve our conflicts in a healthy way that supports love instead of punishment?

Why haven’t we been able to solve ubiquitous global issues? Is it because we are afraid to question the status quo? Is it because we feel that we must work for others’ agendas instead of our own?

Question what you do for money. Question how your children receive their education. Question your uncomfortable comfort zone.


You’re learning what is important to YOU right now. And what is important to you has everything to do with your purpose.

What does it mean to live into your purpose?

Living into your purpose means that you have a full understanding of what your natural talents, gifts and abilities are — your unique superpowers that make you, YOU. And then, you do THAT.

Your purpose is made up of a completely unique design of talents, gifts and abilities that you were born with. Yes, it’s responsible for the types of jobs you’re good at, but also how you think, spend your free time, move about your day, express yourself and serve others.

It’s responsible for the change you can make in the world. No one will, or can do it just like you.

Knowing your purpose empowers you to make a difference in a way that only YOU can. It makes your path clear and it offers validation which helps you relax into your authentic self — which is where inner peace and freedom live.

“There will never be another YOU on this planet.”

Understanding your gifts allows you step into your authenticity and decide how you will put those gifts to use. But it requires you to remember everything you’ve forgotten, as a result of social conditioning.

Most of us have no idea what we’re doing here, what we’re good at, or even what we like. We spend most of our time counting down the hours to when we can finish doing the stuff we don’t even want to do. And then we numb ourselves so we can get through the rest of our precious time — by staying busy, overeating, drinking, watching TV or anything else that gets our minds off the fact that we are living an unfulfilling life.

Your purpose defines who you are, not just what you do.

We are human beings, not human doings. Yet, we’ve all been conditioned to believe otherwise. We were trained to believe that we are here on this planet to eventually find employment and work a J-O-B for the majority of our lives. And then when we have about 10-20 years left on this planet, when we can finally enjoy ourselves.

Well, I call bullshit on that.

Wishing away most of our life until the very last years is a very special type of enslavement.

Societal expectations create barriers that actually block you from realizing your purpose. No one was taught in school how to intimately know themselves.

The underlying belief that no one talks about is the expectation of adulthood — the idea of having to do all kinds of things you don’t want to do, so you can have all the things that are supposed to make you happy. We’re taught that plowing through life and doing things we don’t care about is the path to happiness — and we teach our kids to do the same.

Yet, happiness eludes us still.

What if we were duped?

What if it actually is possible to live a fulfilling life that includes doing what you love and being who you are, naturally?

What if authentic living is the recipe for a happy life? What if you could step into your purpose and make your signature impact on the world?

“You are powerful beyond measure.”

Here is the TRUTH.

We were born to fulfill our purpose, and we already have everything we need.

Every human being has a unique design. In order to fulfill your purpose, you must understand and honor that design. ⁠

Yes, we do have to learn stuff along the way. We have to develop all types of skills to get through life and learn how to use certain tools to make our lives easier. ⁠

But you cannot learn your natural abilities, because you were born with them, and they never change throughout your entire lifetime. ⁠You can actually test your natural abilities beginning at age 14.

“Skills and abilities are not the same thing. You ‘learn’ a skill and you ‘have’ an ability.”

Your gifts are not something you need to learn — instead, it’s something you need to remember.⁠ 

Just like we are all born with an understanding of how to use our imaginations, we were also born with every ability we need to fulfill our own unique purpose.⁠ Yes, you have to nurture your gifts, but you never lose them. They are a part of you.

Sure, you can practice an ability and get better at it. Just like you can practice a skill and get better at it.

The difference is, practicing your natural abilities will feel fluid and natural — not like work — while practicing a skill will feel like a chore.

It is impossible to find complete fulfillment if you never put your natural abilities to use. ⁠

You can uncover your gifts and experience life on a whole new level.

It is my honor to be your guide on the most important personal journey you will ever take, as you learn to be the designer of your own life.

If you are ready to:

  • Move out of your uncomfortable comfort zone;

  • Understand your core, authentic self;

  • Uncover your innate talents, gifts and abilities;

  • Identify and release your defense mechanisms;

  • Remove social conditioning and get comfortable in your own skin;

  • Strengthen your relationship with yourself and others;

  • Reach life-changing goals; and

  • Learn to thrive —

Then you’re in the right place.

Are you ready to take the brave step into your purpose and create the life that is meant for you?

“When self is known, all is known.”

– James Daves

There will never be another You on this planet. The simple fact that you are here on this Earth proves that you are a powerful being. And you’re here for a reason. It doesn’t matter what has happened in your life thus far, it’s never too late to design your magnificent life.

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Love and light,

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