The leadership of an association was in the process of looking at how to expand their membership base. To expand meant revisiting the bylaws – and when fundamental details of how a business collects their revenue, a revisit to branding is inevitable. We started with interviewing various departments and began with the question, “What does this company stand for?”

We discovered a larger issue of company silos when each department gave a different answer. We worked with leadership from each department and developed a mission statement, changed the bylaws to reflect the mission and started the work of updating the brand based on all we learned.

The end result was brand guidelines that could be used across departments – and the first collateral piece created was a membership brochure.  

In addition to be a great editor and writer, Sara Daves has a keen eye for design, branding, and marketing. She knows how to craft an impactful message that will reach the intended audience.
— Richard Dillio, Director of Research and Membership, Video game industry