The external relations department at a public telecommunications nonprofit was having a difficult time convincing other departments to work with them. The department's approach was to win over one employee at a time by showcasing their communications expertise and then giving communications support in whatever way possible that was accepted. This was a slow and exhausting process that went on for five years, and still the department was being bypassed for external communications projects.

On top of that, subject matter experts from various operations teams were sending out their own internal messaging that was being largely ignored by employees. It was time for an internal communications presence. We went to work getting meetings booked with operations teams to discuss how we could help them brand their departments and help create their content across all platforms.

Diving into this project helped leadership realize that they were in desperate need of an overhaul of the mission and then the internal website. They needed a new platform for business initiatives. Once these pieces were in place, we created a communications training for operations managers to help them understand the company’s message and when to ask the new internal/external relations team for help.

This resulted in streamlined communications across all channels, internally and externally. A strong and effective leadership voice was created, employee accountability increased and an internal website that is intuitive was created and used by more than 80 percent of employees on a daily basis. When information is made easy to find and digest, company-wide productivity increases.

I often relied on Sara to contribute her perspective on internal and external communication products, and I am fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from her. I consider her a mentor, and every interaction with Sara leaves me uplifted and ready to move forward.
— Tsion Tesfaye, Patient Outreach Specialist, Evolent Health
Sara Daves impresses me greatly. Not only are her skills as a writer and editor unparalleled, but she is that rare coworker who brings out the best in others.
— Liz Deutermann, Senior Technical Writer, MarqueeTec Inc.