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Unitive Justice and Holistic Modalities Introductory Workshop

  • Friends Meeting House 4500 Kensington Ave. Richmond, VA 23221 U.S. (map)

In this intensive workshop, participants will learn Unitive Justice principles, be introduced to circle facilitation and consider how these skills can combine with yoga and meditation to create a foundation for social justice action and activism.

Unitive Justice is an alternative system for achieving conflict resolution and justice based on lovingkindness, not retribution or getting even.

Unitive Justice is grounded on principles that emphasize:

  • Increasing community strength and self-empowerment;
  • Fostering inclusivity, equality and participation;
  • Encouraging synergy, unity and connectedness;
  • Embracing values such as trust, honesty, insight and compassion; and
  • Achieving mutually beneficial actions and outcomes.

Why should you participate in this workshop?

We live in a punitive culture based on proportional revenge—an eye for an eye. This has led to systems that fail to uphold the dignity of personhood. A criminal justice system where two-thirds of those incarcerated return within three years. Crime victims who are often re-victimized. Students funneled into a school-to-prison pipeline. In our daily lives, we seek revenge rather than mutual understanding. Unitive Justice, on the other hand, follows the Golden Rule set forth in many sacred texts, “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.” Based on the moral principle of lovingkindness, all people are truly heard and healing is the goal. It gets to the underlying brokenness, addresses root causes, and helps find mutually beneficial solutions. Using 12 structural elements of punitive and unitive justice (the Arcs to Unitive Justice) we discover how justice may be transformed from a retributive system to a healing process. We escape our mistaken belief that punitive justice is the best we can do. This workshop teaches tools for achieving conflict resolution and justice based on lovingkindness and our shared humanity.

Circle Facilitation Lessons

We teach a circle facilitation process that is nonjudgmental, non-hierarchical and nonpunitive. This process is designed to achieve mutual understanding, discover our shared humanity and create mutually beneficial action, creating a space where no one has to lose.


It has changed us greatly for the good, including our relationships with the Director. He seems to have relaxed and become more accessible knowing that he no longer has to be the one to bring resolution to our community conflicts. More people are calling upon the community for the circle process and that allows the Director to be more of a friend than a judging, authoritative presence. We all feel it and, as a result, are taking more pleasure in living together as a community.
— Local community leader
The Unitive Business Model is not just a way to move beyond a conflict but to grow from it. In my personal opinion, it is the highest level of conflict resolution that individuals driven by compassion would participate. I had the unique experience of initiating one myself and I was extremely moved by the process and the outcome. Sara dives deep with each member of the circle to gain personal insight to understanding the unique circumstances. She then holds a space for reflective conversation to establish a holistic understanding to the singular event. It pushes you beyond your comfort zone and yields rewards deserving of the challenge. When you show up vulnerable, you open yourself up to positive change and empathic connection.
— Eric Morehouse, The Morehouse Group


Registration is not free, but there is no set fee. You will be given opportunities during the workshop to contribute to the cost and to those who are presenting.

To register, email Sylvia Clute at:

Or contact Sara Daves at to learn more. 



Over the past 30 years, Sylvia created the theory reflected in the Arcs to Unitive Justice— the focus of this workshop. A trial attorney for 28 years, Sylvia now teaches unitive/restorative justice at the college level. She is author of Beyond Vengeance, Beyond Duality: A Call for a Compassionate Revolution and Destiny Unveiled. She is a contributor to two recent books on the Integrative Law movement. Sylvia holds advanced degrees from U. Cal./Berkeley, the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and Boston Univ. School of Law. Sylvia is the president of the Alliance for Unitive Justice.


Amy comes to Unitive Justice via a career in marketing, where she learned the foundations and importance of respectful communication. On her own healing journey, she is RYT-200 certified through YogaWorks and a daily practitioner of a variety of wellness modalities. In 2014, at the intersection of business and mindfulness and as a result of that exploration, she founded Superfun Yoga Pants whose mission is to create more kindness in the world. Amy found natural alignment between her skill sets and passions when she trained to become a Unitive Justice practitioner and circle facilitator.