Here is an article about purpose and relationships, written by the beautiful and talented Paula Pardel, CEO of Bloom Matchmaking. This article comes at the perfect time, because we are fast approaching 2022, The Year of Love. Enjoy!

Our prior experiences shape who we are, so it’s only natural that those experiences influence our relationships. Positive experiences strengthen us, allowing us to retain strong bonds with friends and family. However, the negative ones frequently harm our perception of the world (and can even sometimes make us resentful when dating).

If you’re still finding yourself and your purpose, maybe it isn’t the right time to invest deeply in someone else, as you might see yourself slowly pulling away and not giving the proper time and attention to someone who deserves it.

Knowing how our minds work is essential to understanding ourselves. It’s figuring out why you act and react the way you do. It’s figuring out your character’s and skill’s strengths and weaknesses. When you care for your health and pleasure, you are practicing self-love. You begin to look after your mind and body. You devote more time to activities that will bring you long-term satisfaction. Our desire to develop ourselves should be constant. Understanding oneself better can enhance any form of relationship, not just romantic ones, whether you are in a relationship or not.

In an evolutionary sense, our purpose is adaptable. It aids in the survival of both individuals and species. It arises from our relationships with others, so a sense of purpose crisis is frequently a symptom of isolation. Once you’ve found your way, you’ll begin to run into people who are on their way to the same place you are. You’ve come into their lives to improve their quality of life, and vice versa. You’ll hopefully show them new ways to love and be loved, as well as new ways to achieve their goals and make the most of their talents and time. It’s like a butterfly effect — everything affects everything.

Anywhere is an excellent place to start a romantic relationship. On the other hand, Cupid occasionally takes a vacation, a long nap, or settles in for a marathon of Lifetime Original movies. Indeed, online dating offers a lot of potential for helping people. The quest for a committed, emotionally gratifying relationship is a time-consuming and frequently unpleasant endeavor for many people, especially when trying to find someone that aligns with your own purpose.

I’ve encountered these situations a lot as a matchmaker — attempting to find a match both for someone who hasn’t found their sense of purpose, and someone who’s found it, but is struggling to find someone compatible with it. It’s why I share what I share today in that understanding your own purpose and understanding yourself is the first step before diving into any new relationships (check out Sara’s post on that here).

When there is someone that has their purpose, but is struggling to find a match, matchmaking tends to be a surefire way to create a more meaningful connection out of the gate. And a successful connection at that.

Either way, purpose is not only important for oneself, but it’s also important for finding that romantic partner which is why I emphasize it so much as a matchmaker. Finding it also allows you to focus on your strengths, have confidence, and be the best version of yourself (ultimately bringing out the best version of your potential partner’s self).

If you’re interested in exploring ways to find a connection with someone that shares your purpose, feel free to reach out to me here.

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