Creating Your Goddess Altar


How to create your goddess altar

Altars have been used for millennia in every religion and culture and they are essential for manifesting.

A Goddess Altar creates a wonderful manifesting environment. It provides a sacred space that is just for you, where you can set intentions, meditate or just find some quiet time to relax and recharge for a few moments.

While the Goddess Altar options explained here do not follow any particular religion or culture, you can always create your altar to reflect your own religious or spiritual beliefs, or simply create a space to call your own.

Have fun with the process and know that whatever you create will be perfect for you.

To learn how to manifest like a goddess, visit my Manifest page.

Choose a Table

Altar table.jpg

The table you use can be made of any material. Anything from a small wooden table – such as a bedside table, small coffee or accent table will do – even the bottom of a tall cardboard box. You want to make sure that it is close to the height of your line of sight when you are sitting in front of it.

You do not want it situated too close to the ground or so high you are unable to interact with all of the elements you have adorned it with. If your table does not have a drawer, use a box to hold your sacred altar tools, and simply store the box underneath or beside the table.

Find the right Cushion

meditation cushion.jpg

You will want a comfortable cushion to place on the floor in front of your altar. I use a meditation cushion, but you can use a pillow or anything that helps you sit low to the floor.

You will want to use a cushion that will allow you to access your table easily without bending over or having to move around too much once you’re comfortably seated. If you are sitting on a hardwood floor, you may want to have a meditation pad to place under your cushion; even a soft blanket will do the trick.

add some Candles


No altar is complete without candles. Stock your altar with candles of many colors – the colors of the chakras are nice to have on hand, as well as white and black.

Using a white candle will help you to bring forth pure energy into your meditations and also invite light beings to help you in whatever you are needing in the moment. If you are using a white candle to invite pure light beings into your meditation, be sure ask for their help and thank them for the light they are bringing to you. To enlist the help of light beings, simply ask them to help you grow the light in your heart. All you need to do is invite them and imagine the light in your heart growing and filling your body with light.

Black candles can be used to invoke the energy of the Goddess. Goddess energy represents the darkness – we’ve been taught in mainstream religion to be afraid of the dark, but there is nothing to be afraid of. We are made up of both light and dark. The feminine uses the darkness to create, similar to a fetus growing inside the womb.

You can burn the black candle to bring in any version of Goddess energy you want to invoke and to help you create outcomes for the highest good of all.

If you would like to use candles that represent the chakras, you will need:

Red – Use to release fear, practice acceptance of self, others and situations, and become grounded in Earth energy. Focus on the base of your spine which is located at your seat when using this candle.

Orange – Stir your creative juices, strengthen a romantic connections and command respect. Focus on the space beneath your navel where your reproductive organs are located when using this candle.

Yellow – Grow your confidence and courage, and drive and grow your personal power. Focus on the space between your heart and navel when using this candle.

Green – Give and receive love and also create beauty. Focus on your heart space when using this candle.

Blue – Find the strength to speak your truth and express your ideas and feelings in a loving way. Focus on your throat area when using this candle.

Indigo – Strengthen your intuition and learn to trust yourself or get clear on a decision you must make. Focus on your third eye when using this candle.

Purple – Access the spiritual realm and receive divine support. Focus on the crown of your head and the space above it when using this candle.

select your Crystals

From Popsugar

Use your favorite crystals for clearing and manifesting. If you don’t have crystals, you can purchase them in your local apothecary store or order them online. Choose crystals that speak to you.

Hold them in your hand and feel their energy to decide which ones are right for you. All crystals have unique qualities. There are so many types, it’s not possible to describe them all here, but here is a short list of a few of the ones I use.

Clear quartz – This crystal is a must-have – it is considered the jack-of-all-trades crystal and emits all the colors of the rainbow. Clear quartz is helpful on every level – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It is a master healer and able to support all the chakras. Its hexagonal cellular structure mimics the human body and is also found in all of the electronics we use – which can explain why our cell phones, watches and computers malfunction when we are channeling information or experiencing high levels of stress. This crystal is able to interact with us at all times.

I recommend building a personal relationship with this crystal. Carry it with you daily for a few weeks. It’s best to keep it above the waist, so instead of keeping it in your pocket, you could wear it as jewelry, such as a ring, earrings or a necklace, or if it’s small enough, simply keep it in your bra. It is good for reducing physical and emotional pain. It is superb in achieving mental acuity, You can hold it to your third eye to get clear on any decisions you have to make.

It is not advised to keep this crystal in your bedroom as it amplifies whatever energy it picks up. If you are experiencing anxiety or any other negative emotion, you may have trouble sleeping if it’s nearby. It can also disrupt your sleep as it is constantly channeling universal energies – especially during the full moon. Your kitchen is a wonderful place to keep it. If you have a window in your kitchen you can leave it there to soak up rays of the moon and the sun and pull cleansing energy into your home. Rinse it in cold water often to remove any negative energies it may have picked up.

Rose Quartz – This stone is a soft, light pink color and is considered the love crystal within cultures all over the world. It’s associated with the heart chakra and its soothing energy can be used for resolving conflict and bringing harmony into situations and supporting unconditional love.

It helps with forgiveness, compassion and deepening connections. It also promotes understanding, because it is with understanding and acceptance that we can truly forgive past hurts and move forward. One way to use the rose quartz is to hold it to your heart when you want to release any heavy emotions you have in regards to love. Breathe in the pink, loving energy of the crystal into your heart and then release sadness, disappointment or any negative emotions with each exhale.

Selenite – This stone is a bright white, fibrous healing crystal that attracts purity and light and clears away negative energy. It is known as the metaphysical crystal, as it allows access to higher planes of consciousness.

It a wonderful stone to meditate with and can help you with tough decisions and confusing situations. It also aids in resolving inner conflict and helping you to trust yourself. It is ideal for opening the third eye and crown chakras. Use this stone when you need guidance from your higher self or from your spirit guides.

Fluorite – This stone is primarily blue in color with shades of purple and sometimes green, representing the Crown, Third Eye and Heart chakras. You can use it to balance the Third Eye chakra with the help of the other chakras. This is a calming crystal and wonderful for creating clarity and removing energies from your space that are not serving your highest good.

It cleanses the mind of impure thoughts and opens up the channel of joy and spiritual expansion. It is perfect for removing toxic and fearful energies. It opens the spiritual channel so you can receive a deep inner knowing that all is well and the universe is working for your highest good and for the highest good of those around you. Simply holding this crystal will soothe you and clear your mind. It can be used for future casting as well – it clears the path to self-understanding and helps you see future possibilities.

Carnelian – This stone usually has shades of orange, sometimes with traces of brown, red or white. It represents the energy of the inner child, and the natural confidence that comes with the purity of childhood before we become socialized. It supports your truest expression and helps you take bold action.

It supports the three lower chakras: Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus. If you are getting ready to do anything that feels stressful or requires courage, this is the crystal you want to use. It also allows the right and left hemispheres of the brain to work together.

Tigers Eye – This stone is yellow and brown and smooth to the touch and considered the crystal of productivity and prosperity. The hexagonal crystal system promotes emotional healing and focus, passion, creativity, ambition and abundance.

It is good for working with Root or Sacral chakra energies. Set your intentions with this crystal and it will help you renew your commitment to achieving your goal and give you motivation and clarity on how to get there. It gives you the courage to take the actions necessary to achieve your dreams.

Tibetan quartz – This stone is often grayish in color, and can appear both clear and cloudy, almost smoky. It is mined in one of the most sacred places on Earth – the Himalayan Mountain range which borders Tibet and Nepal.

It holds the vibration of enlightenment and holiness. It is said to resonate to the sound of Om, and has been traditionally used for spiritual protection and raising human consciousness. This is a healing crystal that can remove sickness from the body. It is also an activator of other crystals, intensifying their healing qualities.

Amazonite - This is my favorite stone by far. Amazonite is various shades of turquoise-green and named after the Amazon River and is often referred to the stone of courage and truth. Its healing qualities are said to have been used by the legendary Amazon women warriors.

This stone calms the soul with its harmonious energy – tempers aggression, tames the irrational and stills the disquiet. You can use this stone to search inner depths and discover your own personal truths. Its energies help you to move beyond fear of judgment or confrontation with others, find the freedom to express your thoughts and feelings and set strong and clear boundaries with others.  

Amazonite soothes the all the chakras and aligns the physical body to the etheric. It is particularly helpful for the Heart and Throat chakras, as it balances masculine/feminine energies and enhances loving communication on all levels. Amazonite helps to overcome loneliness, and is said to make married life happier. It absorbs microwaves and cell phone emanations, and protects against electromagnetic pollution and dispels negative energy.

For a comprehensive list of crystals, I recommend “The Crystal Bible,” by Judy Hall.

Clean your Crystals

Clean your crystals.jpg

Every now and then you will want to clean your crystals to clear the energy they may have picked up. To care for your crystals, you can wash them under cool or cold water or leave them outside overnight or during the day when the sun is shining brightly.

You can also amplify the power of elemental water (described below) by placing your crystals in the container of water and leaving it outside overnight during a new or full moon. I recommend cleaning them before you create elemental water with them.

makE Elemental Water

From Moody Moons

Elemental water is natural water which comes directly from the Earth. You can collect this water in clear running streams or rivers or the ocean – literally any body of clean water that has movement. You can also collect rain water or melted snow.

Elemental water must be gathered in a clean container that can be covered with a lid. You can ask source to bless the water and then use it to cleanse. After you have asked for the blessing of the water, simply open the container, dip your fingers in the water touch your forehead, wrists, or any place on your body that calls to you.

Clearing tools

Sage and Palo Santo.jpg

There are many different types of methods to clear energy in your spaces.

Sage – Burning dried white sage is a ritual for smudging anything: your home, your outside spaces, your car and even your own energetic field. It changes the ionic composition of the air and is great for clearing energy and setting the stage for a metaphysical experience.

Shamans have used sage to access the spiritual realm for centuries. You can burn sage before your meditation to open up the space and receive messages, after you’ve been ill, before and after yoga practice, after guests leave your home or any time you feel there is an energy present that you would like to clear. You can’t overdo it, unless of course the smoke feels overwhelming. Sage will burn as long as you let it.

Palo Santo – Burning Palo Santo wood is also a great clearing technique. This wood grows in Peru and only the trees that have fallen are allowed to be harvested. The scent is less overwhelming and also does the job in clearing unwanted energies in your spaces.

It’s a great substitute if you can’t tolerate the strong scent of sage. It has a sweeter smell and it is said that Palo Santo not only cleanses but brings in positive energy. Keeping it lit can be a challenge, so I recommend lighting a candle and using that to light Palo Santo instead of matches or a lighter. You will need to continue lighting the wood for it to burn, so this is a perfect clearing tool for your small altar space. It also serves as an amplifier of the crystals in your space.

Incense – I burn incense primarily for ceremonial purposes and to promote calmness. It can be used to clear energy as well, and if you would like to use it for that purpose, I recommend sandalwood.

But you can use any incense that resonates with you. My favorite is Nag Champa. I burn it before I begin my yoga practice, when preparing to give a Tarot reading and whenever I want to create a relaxing environment.

Choose Sacred tokens

Sacred tokens.jpg

You can use any sacred token that has special meaning for you. Some examples are images of the Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, the Virgin Mary or any religious or non-religious deity.

I have a small statue of the Buddha, a Tibetan flag that wraps around the middle of my table, an angel candle holder, a ceramic fish my son made and elemental water for blessings.

Other types of natural tokens can include a feathers, crystals, rocks and fresh rose petals. *Once the rose petals wilt, they should be placed outside to decompose in the Earth.

Salt is a nice addition as it cleanses the space. Simply add a little salt to a small bowl and place it on your altar.

A small bell or singing bowl can also be used to cleanse the space. You can use it to begin and end your prayers and meditations.

Whatever you choose as tokens for your altar, allow them to live in the altar’s space and do not move them except to clean. This will help to preserve and protect them from outside energies.

keep a Journal


Having a journal in your sacred space is crucial. Inspiration can come at any time when you quiet your mind in a get into a relaxed state. Messages can come as a symbol or another image, a word in your mind’s eye, or you might hear messages in the voice of a loved one or a soft whisper.

You may feel the need to say these messages aloud. You will want to write them down as they come, even if the messages don’t mean anything to you in the moment. You will notice over time that the messages you receive are relevant to the answers you seek.

Select your Location


The location of the altar is important. It is best to set up in an area where you will not be disturbed while in meditation, and where your altar will not be disturbed when you’re not using it. Your bedroom or office can be ideal places, and if you share these spaces with anyone, you will want to request that your altar not be disturbed.

The ideal direction for you to face when you are sitting at your altar is North, as this direction is associated with Earth energy, and that is the goddess energy we are working with as divine feminine beings. West is also associated with feminine energy.

If this is not possible, don’t worry. Any direction will do, really, but it’s at least helpful to know the associations of the different directions.

  • North – Earth energy, divine feminine/goddess energy

  • West – Water energy, associated with the feminine

  • East – Air energy, associated with the masculine

  • South – Fire energy, associated with the masculine

The most important consideration is that you are in a comfortable space and able to focus on the present moment while at your altar.

In Closing

You can ultimately decorate your altar and position it in any way that feels good to you. It’s important to make it special, so that you can feel safe, secure and powerful in your private altar space. If any outside energies have interfered with your sacred altar, you can cleanse them by burning sage or Palo Santo.

Also, be sure to thank the angels, spirits of passed on loved ones, source energy, light beings or any energy you ask for assistance to manifest your desires.

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Use my guided meditations to help you manifest.