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Module 1

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Earth Elements


Goals for this Module:

  • Introduce the program.

  • Understand the dynamics of both masculine and feminine energies and how we express them.

  • Deconstruct the goddess energy and understand what goddess energy is.

  • Understand that the duality of the masculine and feminine is a necessary part of our existence on this planet, and using both energies is how to tap into your goddess power.

  • Learn the history of the feminine essence and how it cannot be contained, even under oppression.

  • Gain an understanding of sensing intelligence.

  • Learn how to create a goddess altar.

  • Begin alignment and healing of the Sacral Chakra.

Course Content

Inner Masculine-Feminine dynamic

What does it mean to live like a Goddess? We know of Goddesses in mythology, but what does it mean to be a modern day goddess in the flesh?

It requires two key ingredients:

  • Standing in your authenticity, and

  • Tapping into your awe-inspiring feminine power.


The goddess essence is comprised of the communion of the masculine and feminine dynamic. On some level, we’ve all been conditioned to deny our feminine power, which includes our innate sensuality and the art of collaboration.

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Feminine key words.png

Masculine energy is about DOING: it is logical, goal-oriented, proactive and externally-focused. The power of the divine masculine is rooted in raw power, assertiveness and taking action in the world.

Feminine energy is BEING: it is receptive, intuitive, nurturing, sensual and inner-focused. The power of the divine feminine lies in the mysterious and is rooted in sexuality, allowing and receiving. It manifests through inspiration, feeling and knowing.

Goddess energy is created when the divine masculine and divine feminine meet. When both energies are activated, we blend strength, determination and courage with receptivity, spirituality and tenderness. This is the sacred space where creation occurs. 

This knowledge is not something we need to learn, it is instead what we need to remember.

We know it innately.


We are constantly playing and working with duality on this plane of existence, and herein lies the ultimate duality – the push and pull between masculine and feminine energies. It is the union of these dynamics that supports the recognition of wholeness, and there is great power to be found when we learn how to harmonize these energies.

The societal systems that are ingrained in the collective consciousness does not make it easy for us to find harmony in this way. The power of the feminine has been long forgotten.


With the rise of the patriarchy, came the colonization of the goddess. This is what all colonization is; the desire to make the feminine like the masculine. Colonization was designed to perpetuate obedience, but the wild, divine feminine essence cannot be suppressed indefinitely. Under the thumb of oppression, the feminine essence will rear its shadow side and fight for equality. This is what we have seen in recent generations.

The oppression of the mysterious feminine eventually evoked a collective uprising of women against the masculine. In the quest for equal rights, the feminine collective became socialized to disown their innate sense of being and embraced the feminine shadow, which has served as a mirror to the shadow aspect of the masculine.

Those who lead with the masculine essence were taught that the feminine essence was off limits, but now we are bearing witness to the masculine essence losing their way, as the shadow side of the feminine is forced upon them. We have now created a culture that no longer values the healthy masculine essence.


The message to the feminine was that we not only must do everything the masculine can do, but we have to do it better. Instead of finding flow in receiving, we decided that we must use force in order to control outcomes. The outcome of all that efforting is a feminine collective who are completely drained and exhausted from trying to do everything themselves.

All the while, the masculine finds themselves caught in a Catch-22. They are damned no matter what energy they embody, so many have given up and are walking through life as empty shells.

All of us learned that the feminine dynamic is not valuable, yet we still exist in the shadow side of it, because fundamentally, it is us. We see the shadow side of the feminine surface as helplessness, criticism, trickery, gossip, catastrophizing, depression and silence.

When the feminine essence goes unacknowledged, so does intuition, collaboration, community, awareness, receptivity, love – these are all the parts of ourselves we are expected to abandon in order to succeed in the “working” world. This also puts the feminine at risk of losing touch with their inner power and becoming empty shells as well.

As our values shifted toward the masculine, we removed feelings from the equation, increasing surface-level efficiency and effectiveness; the two primary objectives of the Industrial Revolution. We are still under this spell. For example, the belief exists that the less feminine you present in a corporate environment, the more valuable you are. We have become adept at using masculine energy to manifest through exercising control.


Since the goddess essence is made of both the masculine and the feminine, integrating the healthy masculine essence is necessary. The healthy masculine aspect is about doing. It represents taking action in the world. It is logical, goal-oriented, proactive, protective, assertive, courageous and externally focused.

While the masculine component is crucial for creation, in the absence of the feminine, it creates an imbalance in humanity as a whole. Humanity has learned to push, fight and force desires into manifestation. This is how wars are made.

The second necessary component is the feminine. This aspect of goddess energy is accessed through grounding into the energy of the Earth and tapping into innate feminine sensuality. We’ve learned that showing up in this way is unacceptable. Society generally brands women who are comfortable with their sensuality as promiscuous. This is a shame tactic that has been used for millennia.

One of the surest ways to silence the feminine essence and strip her of her power is to attack her sexuality, either physically or emotionally. Sensuality allows you to access your sensing intelligence, which is the super power of goddesses. This sensing intelligence opens the gates to magic of the feminine.


My favorite example of sensing intelligence is the genius of the ancient Polynesians, who navigated the ocean without modern-day tools. The Polynesians used their intuition to travel hundreds of miles in canoes and were intricately connected to nature – the waves, currents, clouds, wind and stars. They could predict land nearby without even being able to see it because they were at one with natural forces. They passed down this gift through generations until it became part of their collective consciousness. This ability represents the mastery of the divine feminine.

The healthy feminine aspect is wild, free, mysterious and powerful – representing sensuality, receptivity, awareness and intuition. The feminine essence has a direct connection to the moon phases and to Mother Earth. We are innately flowing with the current of universal laws and we have a direct influence on the health of the planet.

We are also emotional beings, which means we have the power to direct energy using E-motion (energy in motion). Our sensual energy is the most powerful tool we have to create in the world and manifest in the physical.


If we want to awaken the goddess within, we must reclaim our feminine essence.

Goddess energy manifests when the divine masculine and feminine meet. It is the omnipotent force derived from the merging of the divine masculine and feminine energies within. This primal force becomes the foundation of self-mastery. The harmonic flow of these energies supports manifestation in the material world. We gain the ability to manifest in ways that were once incomprehensible.

We are now waking up to the ancient ways of the goddess, and she is rising.
— Sherrill Burroughs

She asks you to stop ignoring your intuition and embrace your innate wisdom. She asks you to use your breath, imagination and feelings to discover the hidden depths of your connection to everything – to step into the unknown and courageously receive.

In order to receive, we must surrender, which takes faith in ourselves and the universe at large – it is the ultimate spiritual practice. When you release resistance and allow, you will receive the messages you need to hear that will guide you toward alignment for the highest good of all.

Surrendering cultivates the art of allowing, receiving and working with what we can’t see. We have the natural ability to work with the darkness, with what cannot be seen. In the darkness there is seemingly nothing, yet out of the darkness came everything.

The feminine is the embodiment of love. And love serves as a mirror for light – with light representing the masculine essence. This innate ability of the feminine to serve as a reflection of the masculine brings light (or enlightenment) into conscious awareness.

This program will to teach you how to use your divine feminine gifts, step into your goddess power and co-create with the universe.

All the knowledge you need is already within you. You have the magic of the divine feminine at your fingertips.

Let’s get started.


Reflect on what you’ve just learned in this module and consider how the systems we exist in have impacted your internal programming.

  1. How does the masculine essence within you show up in the world?

  2. How does the feminine essence within you express itself?

  3. In what areas do you struggle with these polarities?

  4. In what ways might you use both to create more balance in your life?


  1. You don’t have to have the complete answers to these questions right now. This prompt will serve as a reflection for this module, and as you move through the rest of the modules. As you learn, your understanding of yourself will deepen. You will be amazed by your discoveries.

  2. If possible, have a conversation around this content with the people in your life. Having your loved ones as your support group through this process can be extremely helpful. Asking your parents or relatives what it was like for them to navigate the world as a man or woman will give you major insight into your own belief systems.

  3. Post in our Manifest Like a Goddess Facebook group and bounce your ideas and experiences there. The connections and ‘aha’ moments you’ll receive by sharing your experiences in the group will prove to be invaluable to you and the group over time.


Click below to access the Sacral Chakra Meditation. You will need earbuds in order to get the desired effect. Give yourself ample time to listen all the way through and then journal your experiences.


As you move through this course, you may find it extremely helpful to have a space of your own for meditation, reflection and setting intentions. A Goddess Altar will provide a magical manifesting space just for you. Use these instructions to help you create your unique and sacred space.

Congratulations on finishing Module 1. Give yourself two weeks for self-discovery based on what you’ve learned. Then, continue on to Module 2.

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