Manifest Like a Goddess, Module 10

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  • Learn what the Inner Child is and the importance of healing its wounds.

  • Understand the concept of reparenting.

  • Become familiar with your Inner Child and begin healing.

  • Bypass the rational brain and begin reprogramming process.

Course Content

Inner Child healing

Behind every independent woman, there is a broken little girl who had to learn to get back up and never depend on anyone.
— Anonymous

The path to manifesting like a goddess includes reparenting, which means taking full responsibility for all the parts of yourself – and not judging, but instead loving all the aspects of you.

The areas you did not receive love and support as a child are the areas that you must heal. If you ignore them, you will not be able to access your magnificent goddess essence that resides in your soul.

Leaving traumas unhealed will only leave you stuck in resentment, victimhood and stagnation until you choose to take personal responsibility for your own healing.


Very early in life, and possibly even before birth, every human being receives early wounding messages that control how we see ourselves and the people around us. These messages also create our concept of a higher power.

A cognitive approach to changing this type of programming does not work because the rational, left side of the brain is not responsible for the emotional programming in the right brain. Because the programming does not reside there, it cannot be responsible for changing it. You must get into your feels.

There is no way around emotional pain except through it.

E-motion is energy in motion. Think of your emotions as wires that lead to your programming. Accessing the emotions attached to the early messages is the only way to shift to the right side of the brain and reprogram them, because that is where the feelings originated.

Emotional wounds can be deeply buried in the subconscious. When this is the case, the suppressed anguish and torment lying beneath the surface can cause all types of physical and emotional illness.

Many holistic modalities believe in the concept that every illness and injury is a physical representation of an emotional wound in need of healing. Your body will always alert you to an emotional injury by giving you a physical representation of it.

You can also think about this as your Inner Child screaming her head off and acting out horrendously because you have gone missing. That is exactly what children do when we don't pay them loving attention. Once you turn inward and face her, you will discover a hurt and terrified child who needs your attention and your love.


The self-guided Inner Child Healing meditation will help you to bring into focus old wounds that you have been hanging onto since childhood. Often there is emotional pain that is lodged in the physical body as well as in the subconscious, and can only be removed by moving through it.

Have your journal and a pen nearby.

To begin, simply tune into your body. Try not to analyze what you are feeling and instead just follow the steps of the exercise with love, openness and acceptance.

It is vital that you meet her with fascination, love and devotion. Inner Child work often feels uncomfortable or even frightening, because you may have been conditioned to ignore your emotional pain. The agony of your wounds is present because you are avoiding it.

Your Inner Child’s message to you is this: “I have the key to your healing, but I’m not handing it to you until you love me.” And why should he or she? Why should any child?

Give yourself the space to meditate as long as it takes to move through the process entirely. By turning inward with love, over time, you will start to come home to yourself and accelerate your healing, moving toward peace, clarity and the regaining of emotional and physical health.

This exercise often provides immediate relief. You will start to relax and stop panicking because you have finally showed up for yourself. The pangs of panic and fear from inner emotional wounds will begin to subside as your Inner Child says, “Thank God you are finally here!”

Listen + Journal

  1. Be sure to find a quiet place where you can be alone. This work cannot be done by anyone else except you. Many emotions will arise during this meditation. Allow whatever emotions that need to surface to bubble up and know that in accepting them all, you are rewriting your past and creating a better future for yourself and for those you love.

  2. You can practice the Inner Child Healing meditation at often as you feel you need to. Allow yourself ample time to get through it. If you need to, pause the meditation and write down what comes or simply feel what you need to feel.

  3. Keep your journal nearby. Feel free to pause the meditation at any time and write as needed.

  4. Allow yourself to write without thinking. Anything that wants to come out at any particular time is valuable information that you can use to understand your needs, so that you can give it to yourself.

Congratulations on finishing Module 10. This is a huge accomplishment.

Repeat this meditation at least once per week during this module session. I also highly recommend repeating this meditation throughout the course as needed.

Give yourself two weeks for self-discovery based on what you’ve learned. Then, continue on to Module 11.

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