Manifest Like a Goddess, Module 13


WATEr Elements



  • Understand the concept of inner resistance and fragmentation.

  • Understand why fragmentation has occurred.

  • Stop abandoning certain parts of yourself so you can come back into wholeness.

  • Create an intimate relationship with all the fragmented parts of yourself.

  • Become the observer and hold a safe space for all the parts of you to be fully expressed.

  • Make solid decisions and end self-sabotage.

Course Content


In order to manifest like a goddess, you must deal with your inner resistance. When you resist a part of yourself that wants something opposite of your conscious intention, you must acknowledge it.

So far, you’ve learned that replacing your negative feelings with positive ones can help you get into alignment and ready to manifest. There is another component to this concept. If you are ignoring recurring negative feelings in order to change your frequency, you are creating fragmentation within. Suppressing negative emotions blocks your gifts because it means that all of you is not on board with what you say you want. I call this resistance.

We are all fragmented on some level. So if this concept sounds familiar, don’t give yourself a hard time. Just know it’s time to do something different.

The focus of this module is to eliminate the suppression of inner resistance, because it only makes the opposition stronger. We know that what we resist persists, right? What happens when you resist resistance?


When you resist the feeling of internal resistance, it’s like two parts of yourself are paddling a boat in different directions. You get nowhere and then you become exhausted and give up.

Here is example of perpetuating fragmentation: Janet hates her job but thinks that if she uses the affirmation: “I love my job,” then she will magically begin to love it. Telling yourself lies is a practice in inauthenticity. It deepens the divide of the self.

When you ignore internal resistance, you are essentially at war with certain aspects of yourself. Using affirmations before you have cleared resistance can actually deepen your resistance.

Here is an example of a truthful statement that can bring you back into wholeness. “I don’t like my job, so it’s up to me to figure out what I love to do so I can manifest that into existence.” Another example is: “It’s up to me to figure out why I keep playing out this same experience in my life.”

This pulls you out of victimhood and gives you your goddess power back. Cultural oppression has thrown the feminine into a perpetual role of victimhood. The irony is, the feminine essence is wildly powerful. You just simply have to own your power.

The Resistance Payoff

If you haven’t yet created the life situation that you want for yourself, then there is an aspect of you that wants to hold on to whatever is keeping you from achieving that. There is a payoff somewhere.

Logically, we think that we want to be rid of resistance, but what if there is a part of you that is not on board with releasing the resistance? The truth of that can be so painful to see that we would rather deny it than face it. But, if you are in resistance to a painful truth, you are in resistance to the awareness of it.

You may believe that you desperately want something, and yet there is a part of you that might not want it at all. This part of self is the fragment that has been suppressed. Opening up to resistance reveals a greater inner truth. This truth allows you to determine what it will take to get every facet of you on board with your desire. Or, you may actually decide that you want something completely different for yourself.

For example, maybe part of you wants to succeed in a particular business but there is a hidden aspect of you that does not want to have success in this area. Maybe it’s because your parents always played it safe and therefore they would not be able to relate to you if you went on to achieve the things they were never willing to try. The aspect of yourself that does not want success is terrified of the disconnection between you and your family.   

Understand that resistance is present for a reason. Inner resistance begs to be recognized, validated and understood. Ignoring it is like judging a child’s feelings instead of opening up a safe space to figure out why those feelings exist. You must open up to the resistance and have compassion for it instead of beating yourself up.

There is nothing wrong with being in resistance. We are all in resistance from time to time and we will continue to experience it in different ways as we grow and discover more about ourselves.

Resistance can also be a sign that the universe is at work. The answer we seek is actually creating a problem that we need to solve in order to uncover that answer. The reason for this is the universe wants you to have what you really want. Source consciousness actually benefits from you achieving your truest desires, because you are an extension of it.  

Achieving wholeness

To move into wholeness and reconnect with the fragmented part of you, you must detach. This is a time when it’s easy to fall into the trap of denying the fear. When you deny this aspect of yourself, you find yourself spinning your wheels and getting nowhere, or falling into the land of excuses for why you can’t do what you want – essentially becoming a victim to the fragmented part of yourself.

You cannot abandon any aspect of yourself if you want to move into the wholeness required for manifestation. All the parts of you deserve to be heard and understood.

When we lean in and get to know these two extreme aspects, we can become the observer – no longer identifying with either. We are neither extreme because we are both. This creates detachment. You are the essence that is holding the space for the two extremes.

In this space, you have become the unifier of the polarities.

When you are whole, there are no more decisions to make, only actions to take.
— Sara Daves

The goal here is integration. Your goal is to find a way that both parts of you can REALLY do what they want to do. Both polarities hold incredible gifts. And as the observer, all the parts of you can be heard.

When you love each part of you as you would your own children or your best friend, that part of you is no longer hiding in judgment. It is now free to express its desires and finally feel understood. Then, you are ready to make room for both aspects to join together to devise a new plan so all your needs are met. 


  1. Think about where you are stuck in indecision. Make a list of all the reasons why two path you’re considering appeal to you. Look at all the reasons under every possible decision. Which list of reasons feels really good to you? Which list of reasons feels stifling? You have just identified the two polarities that exist within you: the path of joy and the path of fear, or resistance.

  2. If you are not struggling with a decision, instead reflect on a desire you’ve been trying to manifest. Write it down and answer these questions in your journal:

    • How long have I been trying to manifest this desire?

    • What have been the obvious roadblocks?

    • How might I have contributed to blocking it from manifesting?

    • What aspect of me does not want this desire to manifest? Listen


Click below to access the Inner Conflict Meditation. You will need earbuds in order to get the desired effect. Give yourself ample time to listen all the way through and then journal your experiences.


  1. Give yourself some time during this module to reflect on what you’ve learned about your own internal conflicts. Care out space during this 2 weeks to allow the conversations between the 2 parts of yourself beyond the meditation.

  2. Be sure to share your experiences with our Manifest Like a Goddess Facebook group.

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