Manifest Like a Goddess, Module 17


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  • Understand the concepts of Oneness and co-creation.

  • Determine your relationship with source consciousness.

  • Learn why the relationship dynamics exist.

  • Practice enhancing your relationship with source consciousness.

  • Learn how to tap into your soul for guidance.

Course Content

Building a Relationship with source

Our understanding of source consciousness becomes skewed as we become socialized within our first established system in early childhood – the family dynamic. As children, we see our parents or caregivers as all knowing and larger than life. We believe everything they say is true. In essence, they’re gods.

Even when we don’t believe everything they tell us, this scenario establishes our beliefs about God, the universe, source or creator. Essentially, we replace our primary authority figures with what we would consider to be a spiritual version of God or a religious version of God. This is called parental transference – we transfer the experiences we have of our caregivers to create our belief systems surrounding the omnipotent consciousness – which becomes our new authority figure. Our experiential definition of the concept of ‘authority figure’ dictates how we see source consciousness, or God.

There are only three beliefs that come from this experiential definition:

  1. The universe is working with us and for us,

  2. The universe is our adversary and working against us, or

  3. The universe is neutral and neither helping us or hurting us.

If the universe is out to get us, we end up tormented because we are playing against something much bigger than ourselves and there is no way to win.

If you had punitive authority figures, then your God is a punishing God. If your first authority figures felt like adversaries, God will feel like an adversary and you will view God through the lens of how the universe is working against you instead of for you.

If your belief is that the universe is conspiring against you, it can feel like the odds are stacked against you and there is no way to win. Good things that enter into our lives will be viewed as a cruel trick that will eventually only lead to suffering. This is when we begin trying to out maneuver, placate and barter with the universe.

Simply telling you to trust the universe is a cruel expectation, especially if you have years of proof to the contrary. But you can learn how to build a new relationship with source consciousness. Through this work, you will begin to find proof that the universe is on your side and does indeed have your back.

All of us naturally have a relationship with source consciousness. There is nothing you need to do to create this relationship. You only need to acknowledge it.
— Sara Daves


It’s important to be aware of your beliefs around this concept. We are human beings with access to the full range of human emotions and they are here for a reason. Everything is here and happening for a reason. Whether you consider it good or bad is irrelevant here.

You are an extension of source consciousness. All of the sacred texts back up that claim. The important thing is to understand that to manifest like a goddess you must shift your beliefs that create your relationship with source. Since you are a part of the whole, you can allow source to show up in any way that feels good to you. But you will have to choose to believe something different.

We are co-creating with the universe because we are a part of the whole – part of the Oneness that is the truth. We cannot create alone, as nothing is created alone.


  1. Write down what you believe about source consciousness, God or the universe. What are the expectations of source? How do you get your wishes granted? When, why and how have you been punished?

  2. Now write down what your parent’s expectations were of you as a child. How did you get your wishes granted? When, why and how were you punished?

  3. Do you notice any similarities? If so, you have just identified a belief system that doesn’t belong to you. It belongs to your personal family system. You have the power and the freedom to choose something else.

  4. What would be the ideal concept of source consciousness? How would you like to be supported? Write all of it down. Leave nothing out. This is now your concept of source consciousness.

  5. Go back to your gratitude journal and notice what you have co-created with source. This is your proof that you have the ability to manifest and that the universe is on your side and is working for you. If you have not been able to manifest your desires yet, use your new concept you have just created and everything you’ve learned so far to begin manifesting.


  1. Using your imagination, allow yourself to dream up everything that you want and imagine that source wants to give it to you. Create some awareness of how you might be getting in your own way and blocking the gifts that source wants to give you.

  2. Even if you don’t believe it totally, give yourself permission to imagine that source is conspiring to give you everything you want, simply because you desire it. Know that your desires that derive from a place of love are a key indicator of the soul agreement that your life consists of – because you want it, it is meant for you.


Click below to access the Soul Guidance Meditation. You will need earbuds in order to get the desired effect. Give yourself ample time to listen all the way through and then journal your experiences.

Congratulations on finishing Module 17. Give yourself two weeks for self-discovery based on what you’ve learned. Then, continue on to Module 18.

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