Manifest Like a Goddess, Module 18


Air Elements



  • Understand the concept of synchronicity.

  • Learn how to identify signs from the universe.

  • Learn how to identify tests and why they exist.

  • Practice setting intentions and keeping a list of synchronicities.

  • Continue aligning and healing the Crown Chakra.

Course Content


Synchronicities are simply signs and clues from the universe or source that it has heard you and action is being taken on your behalf. Humans are always receiving signs from source consciousness, but are you recognizing them?

Synchronicity is a concept that was coined by analytical psychologist Carl Jung, who defined the term as an acausal connecting togetherness principle – a meaningful coincidence. We are all part of source consciousness and therefore we are all connected with everything that is. Synchronicities are validation of this fact.

We can easily take these synchronicities as mere coincidence, but using the logical brain is not the function of the feminine. The way feminine energy flows is through the heart space. The heart has a consciousness of its own. It doesn’t work like the brain does – you will not be able to logically deduce the wisdom you receive from the heart.

Essentially, it’s the difference between thinking and knowing. When you practice receiving synchronicities, you will not question them. You will know what they are.


The synchronicities you experience will be unique to what is meaningful to you. It can be through random songs you hear, coins you find, or sightings out in nature, such as a rainbow or a butterfly, or a floating feather. Signs can also show up in numbers, such as repeating numbers of 11:11, 222, 333, or any series of numbers that are significant to your life in some way, such as your birth time or anniversary date. 

Synchronicities are the clues in your external environment that come at the perfect time – usually when you are questioning which action to take. Paying attention to what you were just doing, feeling, thinking or saying when a synchronicity reveals itself will give you solid clues about next steps. They also come as validation for your thoughts and feelings, and even just a reminder that you are not alone when you are about to do something difficult or scary.

These signs can come without any effort on your part. Your job is to notice them. You can ask the universe to give you signs but you must realize that our concept of linear time is an earthly concept and irrelevant to divine source consciousness which is operating outside of our 3-D reality. Patience is required when divine timing is at work.

You can also ask for signs. This requires more trust than receiving seemingly random signs. Asking for a sign requires you to make the request and let go of the outcome. When your brain is looking for a sign, you cannot receive it. You must embrace the space of the heart by letting go and knowing that it’s coming when you least expect it.


The universe will also bring you tests. I call these signs the beta test. In this instance the universe is testing your willingness to play along with it. You may receive a clue to let you know that source has heard you and is working alongside you to help you manifest your desire, and your patience is being requested.

Sometimes, the universe will test your willingness to settle. For example, let’s say you have set an intention to land a particular type of job in a particular location with a certain salary. The universe may bring you the type of job you asked for in the location you want, but the salary is less than you wanted. This is the time you must remember to trust, and that the test is occurring to ensure that your self-worth is in check.

You will not be able to manifest something that you believe you don’t deserve, because with low self-worth, you will take the beta bait every time. If the universe gave you what you wanted when you weren’t ready for it, you would quickly learn that you weren’t ready, through overwhelm, self-sabotage or unappreciation, which can create massive regret.

You not only need to believe in the universe, you also have to possess the self-worth to not settle – and wait for what is actually right for you. This requires radical trust that the universe is working for you and radical self-love, which is the knowing that you deserve exactly what you want.


  1. Set an intention and ask for a sign that what you want is on the way.

  2. Once you ask for a sign, immediately release the expectation of receiving it, or else your mind will drive you crazy trying to determine whether everything you see is a sign. When you see the sign, it will not be a question of whether it is actually a sign. You will know.

  3. Be sure to share your experiences with our Manifest Like a Goddess Facebook group!


  1. Keep a list of signs you see over the next few weeks.

  2. Also keep a list of manifestations presented to you that were not exactly what you asked for, but close. And keep a list of your intentions that manifested into reality.

  3. This is how you will continue tracking your progress. It’s easy to become frustrated in the manifesting process when the ego rears it’s head. Having the proof on paper will snap you out of the ego mind and back into the manifesting game.


Click below to access the Crown Chakra Meditation. You will need earbuds in order to get the desired effect. Give yourself ample time to listen all the way through and then journal your experiences.

Congratulations on finishing Module 18. Give yourself two weeks for self-discovery based on what you’ve learned. Then, continue on to Module 19.

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