Manifest Like a Goddess, Module 26


Fire Elements



  • Understand the dynamics of the art of creation.

  • Learn how to use your own artistic creations to manifest.

  • Learn how to use your sensual and sexual energy to manifest.

  • Continue aligning and healing the Sacral Chakra to claim your goddess essence.

Course Content


Welcome to the final module in Manifesting Like a Goddess!

By now, you’ve become intimate with the inner workings of yourself and universal consciousness. You’ve gained a profound insight into who you are, your true desires and how to manifest them.

You’ve learned the components of what it takes to merge the energies of the masculine and feminine, which creates the alchemical marriage within … your unique goddess power. You have formed an intimate bond with these polarities and how to work with universal energy.

You’ve also learned the importance of taking action in the world and also when to patiently allow and receive. You have aligned with the universal law of Oneness that is comprised of the dichotomy of seemingly two opposing ideas:

  1. Everything you need is within you, and

  2. We are all connected in a vast sea of oneness.

You have an intuitive understanding of why these two concepts are not mutually exclusive or hypocritical. Both statements are valid, similar to the push and pull of the opposing energies of the masculine and feminine. Having this understanding helps you manifest rapidly.

You have been stretched during this course to develop intimacy with your inner world and recognize your connection to everything that is.

You’ve cleared your energetic space, set intentions, allowed and took inspired action to receive. You’ve practiced patience and watched your seeds grow. You learned that you can’t rush birth. You must cultivate it and allow it to come forth in divine timing.

The Art of Creation

It’s now time to talk about the art of creation. Human understanding of manifestation is seeing and having what we want in physical reality in linear time. We are also working with non-linear time, which is directly related to divine timing. We must stay in the flow and guide our energy toward our desires.

It’s important to remember to go with the flow when things change unexpectedly.

Change is a sign from the universe that it knows better than you about how you can best receive your desires.

Trust it. Don’t allow yourself to get stuck in commitment for the sake of commitment. If there is a situation that is lowering your vibration, you can expect it to dissipate if you have asked the universe to help you manifest something your current situation is not in alignment with.

Going with the flow when the universe wants you to change direction requires checking in regularly with yourself for answers, because you are a unique expression of source consciousness, and all the answers are within. You not only have direct access, you are the direct access.


One way to manifest quickly is to create an energetic representation of what you desire. That can be tangible, like a vision board or intangible, like a strong emotion. The energy you put out into the world is responsible for creating your experiences.

Creating art can serve as your tangible representation of your desire. You have been creating art this entire time through writing down your experiences in your journaling exercises. You’ve also created a vision board to serve as your tangible representation for what you want to manifest.

You can take this a step further by using other creative outlets to set intentions and sow the seeds of your desires. It doesn’t matter what you choose; gardening, painting, drawing, sculpting, playing music, or any other creative outlet, as long as your intentions support your creation.

When you use the creative part of your brain with intention, you double your manifesting power. When both sides of your brain are working together, you have the ability to manifest rapidly.

Sexual energy

Your sexual energy is raw, manifesting energy. It is the energy of creation. The feminine has experienced a psychological split when it comes to sexuality. We have essentially been trained to create a split between the sexual self and the normal everyday self. From a very young age, most women get the message that their sensuality is not acceptable and that is dangerous or inappropriate to express in public. So we shrink ourselves to fit in.

The majority of cultures shame those who lead with their sensual energy. This cultural judgment is the biggest and most oppressive act. Goddess energy is wild and free and touches all of the senses.

A powerful practice for embracing your sensuality is to wake up all your senses in ways that feel good. Through touch (a soft blanket), sound (beautiful music), smell (a scented candle), sight (beautiful scenery) and taste (your favorite dessert). Get creative with this concept and take it as far as you can.  

Allowing your sensual energy to move through you can actually help you mentally focus so you can manifest quickly. First, you must clear any shame, fear and limiting beliefs about what it means to lead with feminine energy. There is nothing shameful about the feminine’s sensual being.

There is a school of thought that teaches how to train the body to maintain a relaxed state in order to lengthen orgasms. As you move above the orgasmic threshold, remaining conscious of what is happening in your body is key. It is rather typical to contract muscles to build up sensation and then release it when it becomes too much.

In an extended orgasm, energetic alignment happens in the body because the energy is focused, transforming it into a powerful, creative force. Learning to move sexual energy through your body is an empowering practice. It can actually help you manifest when you set clear intentions beforehand.


  1. Take up an artistic hobby that you’ve never tried before and use your creations to represent your desires. It doesn’t matter what it is. If you don’t consider yourself artistic, you don’t have to get fancy with this exercise. You can buy an adult coloring book and crayons if that sounds appealing to you. Set the intention of manifestation before you begin your creation. While you’re creating, know that you are developing a creative expression of your manifestation and helping to bring it into your reality.

  2. Get very clear on what makes you feel sexy. Is it certain kinds of clothing or make-up? Is it burning candles or taking a bubble bath? Allow yourself sensual pleasures at every opportunity.

  3. Practice using your sacral energy to magnify your goddess presence. Use the Sacral Chakra visualization portion of the meditation below at any time to help you get into your sensual space whenever you please. You will notice how others see you differently and treat you with the respect that a goddess deserves. You can tap into this energy to give an important presentation, before you go out on a date or anything that requires assistance from your inner goddess!

  4. Share your experiences with our Manifest Like a Goddess Facebook group so you can all learn from one another!


Listen to the Sacral Chakra meditation to activate your sensual energy and become intimately familiar with the visualization portion of this meditation. This is your direct access to goddess energy and will help you awaken your sensuality, so you can use it when you need it. You will need earbuds in order to get the desired effect.


  1. Comfort zone exercise – the goal of this exercise is to move outside your comfort zone. Draw a circle on a piece of paper. Inside the circle, write down all the things you do on a daily basis. Also write down things you do that you’re proud of but can do with ease. Outside of the circle, write down the things you wish to do. Allow yourself to write down those dreams that feely a little scary. Inside the circle represents your comfort zone. Outside the circle represents your dreams and possibilities for the future.

  2. Imagine your existence outside of the circle. Moving outside the circle even in your mind will expand your consciousness. How does it feel to be out there, with no limitations?

  3. Circle one or two items outside of the circle. What would it look like to bring them inside? Allow room for them.  

  4. Now draw a picture of those items you brought inside the circle. Allow yourself to draw without much thought. Just set the intention to create an artistic representation of what you want to see manifest in your life. After you’ve finished, place the drawing somewhere you can see it daily. Let it speak to you. Before long, you will understand the meaning behind what you drew. It may take a few days or a few weeks. Don’t make it mean anything. Just allow the knowing to come. 


  1. When possible, before you plan to experience an orgasm, listen to the Sacral Chakra meditation or simply get quiet for a few minutes and visualize your sacral chakra coming alive with sensual energy. Then set your manifesting intention. See your desires clearly and know that the powerful energy you have just created in your body will set your manifestation in motion.

  2. You do not need to concentrate on manifesting during orgasm. Your only job is to breathe and relax, and hold onto the ecstasy as long as you can. Do your best not to constrict your muscles. Instead, allow the powerful orgasmic energy to move up and down your spine for as long as possible.

  3. We have been conditioned to orgasm as quickly as possible. Take as long as you need to build up the energy in your body and allow that energy to linger until you decide to climax.  

Congratulations banner_26.png

Through this process, you have become fully equipped to stand in your own beautiful divine power and manifest your desires like a the true goddess that you are!

If ever you need guidance or clarity, you can always find support in the Manifest Like a Goddess Facebook Tribe! You are a Manifesting Goddess member for life!

It has been my honor to take this journey with you.

Love and light,


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