Manifest Like a Goddess, Module 6

Earth Elements



  • Let go of regret from past actions and experiences.

  • Build awareness around whether you want to release beliefs or actual people, place or things.

  • Release what is no longer serving you; a belief, job, person, living situation, or anything.

  • Learn how to use the moon’s energies to help you in the releasing process.

  • Continue aligning the Root Chakra to create a strong and solid foundation within.

Course Content


The practice of allowing is the most significant piece in creating with feminine energy. The art of allowing includes practicing patience, the belief that the universe has your back and the ability to receive. We have been socialized by a male-dominant society to push and fight our way through the world in order to get our needs met, which is the opposite of allowing.

Ask yourself what you would like to allow into your life, and then set the intention to RECEIVE it without considering how it will show up. Consider why you want this particular thing, circumstance or experience. What would it feel like to have it?

ask “Why” & “What” instead of “How.”

We often worry about the “How” more than any other element when it comes to our desires. If we can’t see the path toward the desired goal, it’s easy to believe that it can’t be done.

As a child, were you ever told that what you wanted was impossible or irresponsible? This is the programming that created the belief that our imagination is not valuable. It’s likely that you were trained to stop using your imagination to create. This is how your divinely inspired passions became pipe dreams.

The people who said this to you only did so out of love. They were coming from their own belief systems based in fear, and they didn’t want to you to suffer. Fear-based thinking is how broken systems are perpetuated. We are asked us to shrink our dreams to fit into the mold of what we already know. If we can’t see how to get there, then we learn to believe that our dreams are impossible to manifest.

Consider this: When you go on a road trip, you can’t see the entire trip. You only see 100 or so feet in front of you. What if you said, “Well, I can’t see the entire road, so I guess I can’t get there.” You would never do that! You also probably don’t know “how” the car runs, but you trust it to get you to your destination.

Focus on the “why” and the “what.” The “how” is none of your business. That is for the universe to decide, because you don’t have all of the information in front of you. Remember, you are not the only entity working on your behalf.


  1. What are some beliefs you have around the area of your life you would like to change?

  2. What are the words you remember your parents or caregivers saying when you presented an imaginative idea or concept?

  3. Think about how often in your life you were more focused on the “how” instead of the “why” or the “what.” How has that been serving you? How quickly do you give up on your goals when you can’t figure out “how” to do something?

  4. What would you like to allow into your life? Why do you want this thing or situation? How will it enhance your life experience?


  1. Use the “How to Work with the Moon’s Energies” guide to determine when you will do the work to manifest your desires. If the moon cycle you want to work with is some weeks away, save the date in your calendar and do the work on that day. You can access this guide below.

  2. Grow your practice of receiving by allowing others to do for you. This includes favors, compliments, random acts of kindness and the acceptance of a request. If it is a request, do not state your request as a complaint. Instead, make a sincere ask for what you need, allowing yourself to show up vulnerable and state the reasons why you need the request fulfilled. In every circumstance, you only need to express your gratitude by saying “Thank you.”

  3. If you notice that you have rejected something that you want or need, create the awareness of why you did so, without judgment. Ask yourself, “What did not feel safe to me in that moment?” This is the clue to your biggest block to manifesting.

  4. Then, determine whether it really would have been unsafe for you to receive it. If it was safe to receive, note that, and try again the next time it comes around.

  5. If you are unsure of whether it was safe or unsafe, share your experience with the group in the Manifest Like a Goddess Facebook group. 


Click below to access the Root Chakra Meditation. You will need earbuds in order to get the desired effect. Give yourself ample time to listen all the way through and then journal your experiences.


If you have not yet delved into this guide, be sure to do so this week. “How to Work with the Moon’s Energies” is a powerful guide to help you manifest like a goddess. Do not underestimate the power of aligning your feminine essence with the feminine energy of the moon.

Congratulations on finishing Module 6. Give yourself two weeks for self-discovery based on what you’ve learned. Then, continue on to Module 7.

To purchase the guided meditation from this module and other meditations, click the button below.