Manifest Like a Goddess, Module 7


Earth Elements



  • Learn what it means to show up in your authenticity.

  • Understand what defense mechanisms are and how to identify them.

  • Learn how to tap into your authentic self through courageous vulnerability.

  • Get to know and become grounded in your authentic self.

  • Create awareness around purpose.

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What does it look like to show up in your authenticity?

You may be thinking, “Well, that’s easy, I’ve been myself my whole life!” You would be surprised at how your natural inclinations have shifted over time to fit in with societal expectations. If you find yourself exhausted most of the time, or in certain situations, this is a key indicator that you are not showing up in your fullness. If you have been shrinking yourself for the sake of others, you might be very confused about who you are and what you want.

While lack of self-worth can make you believe you will never be able to create the life you want, lack of self-awareness can actually make you forget your deepest desires.

In order to manifest like a goddess, you have to remember what you want. The answers are inside, you simply have to remember what they are. You may have been placing your own wants and needs to the side for so long, it can feel hard to remember. It’s necessary to get very clear on what it is that you actually want for yourself. We will cover more on this concept in the module, Clear Vision.

Showing up in your full authenticity and acknowledging your deepest desires feels like freedom. It feels like peace. It feels like home. It feels like joyous anticipation.

The only way to determine who we are is to figure out who we are not. Maybe you have a job that requires you to show up in a way that feels unnatural. This is very different from finding yourself in a challenging situation that encourages you to grow. Inauthentic living feels like you are living within a shell of yourself.

This is also true in personal relationships. Maybe your family dynamics are such that you feel a high sense of anxiety when you are around certain family members. You may find yourself pretending that everything is OK when it’s not. Pretending to be someone else or faking emotions to gain the approval of others will lead to bending to the will of others. And every decision you make will ultimately be the wrong one for you.

Defense mechanisms

We all wear masks to cover up our vulnerabilities. These masks are defense mechanisms, and they have served us well. In early childhood, we learned how to show up in the world by determining what was expected of us – and who we had to be to receive love and feel safe.

It doesn’t matter how great you think your childhood was, we all grow up in systems that have certain expectations that we believe we must adhere to – in our families, schools, colleges, our circle of friends, romantic relationships and careers.    

You can learn a lot about yourself by noticing those moments when you feel exhausted or anxious. Simply ask yourself what is going on for you in that moment. You may be around certain people or in a situation where you feel expected to behave a certain way. Creating awareness of these moments will help you take control of your defense mechanisms.

Instead of blaming external factors, you must realize that everything happening in your reality is a mirror reflection of the beliefs you hold. This does not mean that you should tolerate being disrespected just because you are projecting your own fears and hang-ups. But it does mean that you will need to show up for yourself by acknowledging when you are shrinking to fit into a mold, and choose something different. Tapping into this awareness without judging yourself is crucial to breaking the barriers that keep you playing small. 

When we aren’t being true to ourselves, we are not in alignment. And when you don’t show up for you, you can’t show up for others either. It’s a lose-lose proposition. It actually takes a lot more energy to mask yourself than it does to step into your authenticity. 


The way to tap into your authenticity is through vulnerability – which requires copious amounts of courage.

Practicing vulnerability is the most courageous act you can practice as a human being. The reason why it requires so much courage is because of the underlying fear of what will occur once you have revealed your true self. No one wants to be judged.

Our evolutionary make-up translates judgment into a death sentence, because we inherently understand our need for connection. Thousands of years ago, being ostracized from your clan was indeed a death sentence. This is still a true story for us in the reptilian brain.

Practicing vulnerability is a practice in self-love and acceptance. This practice also creates true intimacy in our relationships with others. Without intimacy, you have no real connection.

The most important connection you have is with yourself. Allow yourself to get vulnerable with You and admit your deepest held desires.

Authenticity and Purpose

On some level, you must experience a death of your false self in order to be born into your authentic self. There can be a grieving process associated with this loss – it’s perfectly natural. Shedding away layers of false masks feels like a loss of identity.

If you are not that, then who are you? Yes, it’s uncomfortable to ask these questions, but it is necessary. It’s in shedding the masks that we have a chance at true happiness.  

Having a strong sense of purpose is the strongest indicator of happiness. Having a strong of sense of your true self will support your true purpose. When you know your purpose, you have the power to choose it, and with that comes a huge sense of relief.

Before you can discern your reason for being here on Earth, you must practice being true to yourself. When you stop pretending to be something you’re not, your self-knowing and self-worth grow organically.


Practice this exercise whenever you find yourself in situations that drain you or create anxiety. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. How am I bending to the will of others? Is this circumstance challenging and growing me so that I can achieve true happiness? Or am I attempting to avoid conflict, or going along to get along?

  2. When is the first time I felt this emotion? 

  3. Ask yourself, “What do I need to know about how I’m feeling in this moment?” Don’t think about the answer. Clear some space in your mind and let it come. The answer will surface.  


  1. As far back as you can remember, what were some of the things you loved to do? Were your interests accepted and supported in your family dynamic? In school? Among your friends?

  2. What means the most to you outside of your chosen career and family?

  3. Name your favorite hobbies of all time, regardless of whether you’re practicing them now. 

  4. First, spend 10 minutes alone, quietly pondering over what you want or what you have wanted in the past. Make a list of your deepest-held desires. What are the things that are important to you?

  5. Consider what still stirs your soul today, not what you think is possible in this moment. Give yourself 20 minutes to write out your list of desires. Keep writing the entire time, allowing whatever pops in your head to make it to the paper. It doesn’t matter how far-fetched your list becomes. This exercise is going to help you get to the bottom of true heart’s desires.

  6. This will be your focus for manifesting. You can repeat this exercise anytime you begin to feel confused about what you want. Remember, the universe cannot deliver what you want until you are crystal clear about what that is. 


Click below to access the Authenticity Meditation. You will need earbuds in order to get the desired effect. Give yourself ample time to listen all the way through and then journal your experiences after.

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