My Sacred Space

A couple of years ago before Christmas, I wanted to create a small sacred space in my home, just for me. I envisioned creating a goddess altar as a Christmas present to myself. But holiday time gets hectic, and it seemed I never had the time to give any thought to where I would even put it, much less what it would contain.

On Christmas Eve , I came home to a surprise – a gift bag on my porch. I checked the tag. It was from my dear friend Patrick. In the bag was a miniature string of Om Mani PadMe Hum prayer flags, colored candles for every chakra, incense and crystals. It was definitely enough to get my altar started.

My mom gave me a small table and I began creating. I added my mala beads, small goddess relics, an angel candle holder that my best friend gave me, some Palo Santo, a few larger crystals and my son’s ceramic fish that he made in middle school.


Everything that sits on my altar has special meaning to me. And I still add more items when I feel inspired to do so.

My altar is my personal and sacred space for creation. It’s where I set my intentions during certain moon cycles, chant my personal mantra, perform daily meditations, pray and simply find peace.

When I need a reset, I come to my cushion and do whatever I feel like doing. Whether that means lighting a candle, burning incense or just closing my eyes for a few minutes. In these moments, I’m always able to feel the connection to source consciousness.

If this sounds like heaven to you, I highly recommend creating an altar for yourself.

To get you started, I’ve written an article on how to create your own goddess altar.

You can access it when you take my Goddess Archetype quiz.

Your quiz result will help you decide which goddess energy you would like to invite into your altar space.

Love and light,