“Empower 100 Women” Giveaway

My goal for the last quarter of 2019 is to Empower 100 Women to learn how to Manifest Like a Goddess!

Can you help me reach this goal?

Do you know any women who would love to learn how manifest the uniquely magnificent life that is waiting for them? Is it YOU? 

If so, you could receive 12 weeks of Individual Purpose Coaching with me for Free!

The Challenge: 

SIGN UP for or REFER someone to my online self-guided coaching program: Manifest Like a Goddess

For you and every person you refer and joins (including yourself) will receive one entry each into the drawing to receive Free Individual Purpose Coaching with me — a $3,875 value!

Refer 10 people and receive 10 entries for yourself! Refer 20 people and receive 20 entries! You get the idea. 

Once we reach 100 women, I’ll draw the lucky winner! 

You can learn all about the online, self-guided Manifest Like a Goddess program here: saradaves.com/manifest 

The Giveaway:

I will gift 12 weeks of Individual Purpose Coaching to the winner. 

My 12-week Purpose Coaching program consists of a series of comprehensive testing for natural abilities, personality preferences and blocks that are standing in the way of actualizing your purpose. 

Together, we gather this critical information and use it eliminate the barriers that are blocking you from claiming your purpose. You will learn how to show up as your authentic self and boldly step into the amazing life you were meant to live! 

This incredibly powerful inner work is for those who are ready to become empowered with self-knowledge and courageously step into their purpose!

The winner can choose to coach with me or gift 12 weeks of coaching to a loved one. 

You can learn more about Individual Purpose Coaching with me here: saradaves.com/purpose 

Giveaway Rules:

There are TWO ways to enter the giveaway:

1. Join the Manifest Like a Goddess Program at any level — you can choose to sign up for the first course or the entire program

2. Refer someone who joins the program at any level — they can also choose to sign up for the first course or the entire program

Make sure that you and the person you referred tell me! Email me at sara@saradaves.com and let me know that you joined or who you referred, and I will respond to both you and your referral friend with a unique Entry Number.

You will receive a new Entry Number each time you refer someone and they join. 

Refer a friend and enter as many times as you want! Every time you refer someone who joins the Manifest Like a Goddess Program (at any level) you will receive one entry to win the giveaway. For example: If you refer 10 people who join, you will be entered 10 times!

Once 100 women join the program, I will end the challenge and schedule a live drawing on Facebook Live to announce the winner. 

The winner can choose to accept the Purpose Coaching Program for themselves or gift it to anyone they wish (anyone who is 14 years of age or older).

Please Share this link and contact me if you have any questions! 

Love and light,