Girlfriend’s Guide to Manifesting

While there are certain points to keep in mind about the manifesting process, becoming a conscious manifestor is really more of a lifestyle than a particular set of rules. The process of manifesting can feel overwhelming because most of us have bought into societal norms that encourage us to believe that we must be in complete control over external outcomes. This is an awful Untruth.

Yes, we need to honor our masculine essence to take action in the world, but we must also honor the other half of our wholeness — our feminine essence, which helps us to receive what we are asking for with a lot less work and frustration.


How to Work with the Moon’s Energies

We have a second new moon coming up on July 31, 2019. This is a powerful manifesting moon cycle, as it is happening in conjunction with the two eclipses and Mercury Retrograde. The time is now to begin setting intentions for the rest of 2019.

Any area of your life that you’re feeling blocked, or any projects or relationships that have stalled have a very good chance of resurrecting now. It’s a perfect time for going back to the drawing board and creating new ways to bring your desires into your reality.


My Sacred Space

A couple of years ago, I wanted to create a small sacred space just for me, in my home. I thought about creating a goddess altar for Christmas, as a present to myself, but it seemed I never had the time to give any thought of where I would put it, what I would include and how I would arrange it.

On Christmas day, I came home to a gift bag on my porch.


7 Big Lessons I Learned about Manifesting

In January, I completed two huge projects and began setting my intentions to create something new: a self-guided, online manifesting coaching course. My goal was to create a course that would not only be a tremendous value to my clients, but also an affordable alternative to individual coaching for those who have a pretty good idea of their purpose.

I had some ideas about what it would look like. And today, it looks nothing like that initial idea.


Sow your seeds, resurrect your dreams

Now that spring is here, I’m planting seeds for my vegetable garden. For me, there is nothing better than digging in the dark, rich soil to help create life-giving sustenance. And there is no other time for it, so I must act now.

This is also the time that I allow the space for feeling into what seeds I would like to plant for the new year. The new year hasn’t really arrived until my daffodils have bloomed.


How Purpose Impacts Relationship

Women are the ocean that men sail through on ships.

The biggest concern I hear from men is the lack of passion in their intimate relationships. I believe this has a lot to do with the fact that a lot of men (or people who primarily lead with masculine energy) have no idea how their life choices impact the masculine-feminine dynamic.

Photo by Jens Rademacher on Unsplash


The Power of Sisterhood

In April 2017, I attended a workshop in Monterey, California, with hundreds of women who were just beginning their spiritual based business. I had not planned on attending this workshop, but I received an email from a spiritual-based business coach who was offering free admission to the workshop for those who wanted to attend but didn’t have the funds, through an application process.

I ended up getting a free flight, too. That’s a pretty cool manifesting story for another time.


2019 – The Year of Authenticity

As the door closes on 2018 — the 11 master number year, where every single element in your life was being tested for stability — you may still be reflecting on certain areas in your life that came to an end, and what remains. Romantic relationships, business partnerships, career choices, family dynamics — everything that humans rely upon for sustenance went under the microscope.

You may have lost a love relationship or a job, questioned your values or released connections that no longer serve you. What proved to be unstable has vanished or soon will, and what is left are the life circumstances and people who have proven to be reliable and in alignment with your soul’s path.