A medium-sized public telecommunications nonprofit was experiencing high turnover during a time of massive change – the Chief Operations Officer called it the 200 to 500 problem, which means rapid employee growth from 200 to 500 employees in a relatively short period of time. There was no change management in place for this growth and it was affecting the work environment, which contributed to decreasing trust in leadership and the mission, thus creating a revolving door.

People were leaving the company as fast as they were being hired. We put together a focus group to uncover the major issues and developed a report for leadership that listed workable solutions with suggestions for an implementation plan.

Like steering a ship onto a different course, it takes time for growing companies to implement change. And if change is managed thoughtfully, companies will continue to look for ways to create healthy work environments and remain open to changing course, if necessary.

Sara Daves managed multiple, high value projects, such as rebrandings and membership initiatives, that required coordination between various departments and outside agencies. She was always organized and never unprepared.
— Richard Dillio, Director of Research and Membership, Video game industry