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purpose Coaching

Working with Sara was my saving grace. I went to her to figure out my next career move, but I received so much more. She helped me uncover blocks that were hindering my closest relationships and beliefs about myself that were keeping me from fully showing up. She walked me through dissolving my blocks step by step and the result was a major life change for me. I found the courage to make some major life changes that enhanced every area of my life. I am eternally grateful for the coaching experience and my new life.
— Elizabeth K.
I met Sara at the perfect time - I knew I wanted a career change, but wasn’t sure what direction to take. Sara’s knowledge of career and personality assessments and her overall holistic coaching method was a huge help. Not only did she deliver the assessments and results with ease, she also helped me see the big picture and implement the knowledge in my day to day life. Sara asked the right questions at the right time, which helped me prioritize and focus my energy into what was most important to me, even if I couldn’t see it myself. I always looked forward to my conversations with Sara, and would recommend working with her to anyone looking to gain a better understanding of themselves.
— Stephanie
Sara is a natural teacher who shines like a bright light. Her strength of character is one that is hard to find. Her soul is beautiful. I can’t even find the words to articulate how compassionate she is. She has developed an ability to bring a calmness to the soul.
— Claire S.

conflict resolution

I was extremely moved by the process and the outcome. Sara dives deep with everyone to gain personal insight to understanding the unique circumstances behind the conflict. She then holds a space for reflective conversation to establish a holistic understanding to the singular event. It pushes you beyond your comfort zone and yields rewards deserving of the challenge. When you show up vulnerable, you open yourself up to positive change and empathic connection.
— Eric Morehouse, The Morehouse Group
The first step was just understanding where the other was coming from. Afterwards everyone moved forward as a group. Practicing reflective listening helps us to pay attention. When we pay attention we can empathize better. Empathy helps to humanize and respect each other’s perspective. This leads to compassion and helps us to find common ground to move forward.
— Tom Love, The Main Street Group

Tarot Readings

I just had a tarot reading from Sara Daves! It was my first reading and I absolutely loved it. Not only is Sara great at reading cards, but she takes the time to share and explain every detail of the reading. I strongly recommend her for all your tarot and coaching needs, she’s amazing!!!
Thank U Sara for your devotion and your friendship. I love you!!
— Charlene G.

organizational development

Sara Daves is one of the hardest working, creative, passionate people I have ever worked with. She comes with great solutions, but is always open to new ideas. I would be so happy to work with her again.
— Colleen Greiner, Account Executive, Softchoice
Sara consistently starts by listening. She stands out as someone I can go to for thoughtful, candid feedback. While working with her on projects requiring a quick turn-around, she always demonstrated remarkable composure while offering her best work. I often relied on Sara to contribute her perspective on internal and external communication products, and I am fortunate to have opportunity to learn from her. I consider her a mentor, and every interaction with Sara leaves me uplifted and ready to move forward.
— Tsion Tesfaye, Patient Outreach Specialist, Evolent Health
Sara Daves is a consummate professional, a gifted writer, and a skilled communicator who instinctively understands the challenges that come with communicating across multi-functional organizations. As a consultant, she brings value, new ideas and positive energy to any organization that she works with.
— Richard Dillio, Director of Research and Membership, Video game industry
Sara Daves is collegial, smart, pleasant, keeps a cool head under pressure, and is not afraid to ask questions.
— Liz Deutermann, Senior Technical Writer, MarqueeTec Inc.
Sara Daves is wonderful to work with. She is extremely professional and knowledgeable in the communications field, and has helped me make effective, profitable decisions for my own business. She approaches everything with honesty and an open mind. I will no doubt work with her again.
— Ashley Davis, Marketing/Promotions Consultant, Down the Hatch - Maui

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