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When self is known, all is known.
— James W. Daves

How do we live on purpose?

We learn about ourselves. We get uncomfortable. We grow.  

Becoming familiar with the intricacies of your core self helps to build the inner resiliency necessary to become unbreakable in your authenticity. It is never too late and it doesn't matter what has happened in your life thus far, you can still achieve the life experience you desire.

We cannot know how the life circumstances we have endured will help us get where we need to be – we cannot immediately see how these experiences are helping us move closer to accessing our authenticity and living through the lens of the core self. 

First, you must give yourself permission to embrace your true authentic self. It is up to you to be WILLING to unlock that door. 

The confidence you receive from operating within your highest function of the core self allows you to access your vulnerability and learn to not be afraid of what you find. Practicing vulnerability is a practice in self-acceptance. In order to live an authentic existence on the planet, you must allow yourself to get vulnerable. This is the only way you will get to know yourself and your deepest desires. 

There will never be another You on this planet. Incarnating into this dimension is not an easy undertaking. The simple fact that you are here on Earth proves that you are a powerful being. And you’re here for a reason. 

You are powerful beyond measure.

Find Your Flow.

Do you know what it's like to be in the flow? In the flow, everything unfolds at precisely the right moment. Serendipitous moments seem to occur spontaneously and interrelations between seemingly unrelated things (not coincidence, but synchronous events) happen often.

I call this experience the dance with the divine flow of universal energy, where it feels like the universe is supporting you instead of working against you. 

A sense of profound peace can be realized in the flow, even in the midst of unknowing. When you operate from this higher vibrational level, you will experience synchronous events that unfold as intuition takes over the consciousness, creating the life experiences you desire.

Operating in this manner is the opposite of what our social systems have taught us. We have an innate power which works directly with universal energy, and it can be accessed once you understand how. But first, you must peel back the layers of external conditioning.

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Uncover your gifts and experience life on a whole new level.

My coaching program is a uniquely-crafted 12-week process that includes proven tools and techniques for understanding your innate gifts, abilities, defense mechanisms and blocks to happiness. Each client outcome is unique and uplifting.

I consider it an honor to guide my clients through their personal journeys toward total transformation and witness their magical breakthroughs.

I can help you:

  • Move out of your uncomfortable comfort zone;

  • Understand your core, authentic self;

  • Uncover your innate talents, gifts and abilities;

  • Identify and release your defense mechanisms;

  • Heal your past and get comfortable in your own skin;

  • Heal your relationship with yourself and others;

  • Reach life-changing goals; and

  • Learn to thrive.

If you're ready to take the brave leap into self-understanding so you can begin to make significant, positive and lasting changes in your life, I'm ready to assist you on your journey. 

Discovering your authentic self is the first step toward living a joyful life. The second step is learning how to manifest your joyful life into being.

Love and light,



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