When we know our true reason for being alive, our entire life changes for the better, and so does the world.

Sara is an intuitive purpose coach and your guide toward clarifying your true life’s purpose and manifesting the life experience that is meant for you.

She is here to support clients who are ready to embark on their own unique journey and uncover their innate talents, gifts and abilities and learn how to manifest their purpose into their reality.

Her path to this work

Sara worked for years in the corporate world. She climbed the corporate ladder and decided that would be her life, until she experienced a traumatic life event that rocked her world.

Sara's only child transitioned from Earth to his new post.

Faced with the most intense grief imaginable over such profound loss, she set out on quest for personal healing.

She embarked on a three-year spiritual boot camp of sorts, where she battled internal and external conflicts like never before.

These life experiences created the space for a profound self-understanding, and her awareness of the intricate connection of everything expanded.

Through this process, she learned how to take responsibility for her own healing and learned that true happiness comes from embracing your unique gifts and sharing them with the world.

Her pain was the catalyst for realizing her life's purpose. She embraced her gifts and began coaching clients looking for their purpose and how to manifest the life of their dreams into reality.

Today, Sara is committed to helping anchor the consciousness of Oneness on the planet by disrupting our broken systems. She does this by teaching others how to reclaim their life from the systems that keep us trapped and blocked from our true purpose.

When we step into our true reason for being alive, our entire life changes for the better, and so does the world.

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