Manifest your magnificent life

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We all have one superpower in common — the ability to manifest. When you learn the method for creating your own reality, you become powerful beyond measure.

Whether your desire is to find the love of your life, more adventure, better health or your dream career, your deepest held desires are your clues to uncovering the magnificent life that is meant for you.

Are you In-Joy(ING) your life?

What if I told you that your purpose in life is to live In Joy? What if I also told you that you have the power to manifest ANY life experience you want?

Yes, we get to choose our own brand of happiness.

Hint: It is not through controlling outcomes.

I hear from so many clients who have put an exhausting amount of effort in creating a joyful life for themselves — yet they still fall short of their dreams.

And I understand their frustration — feeling stuck in a toxic job, burned out from financial stress or hopelessness in difficult relationship dynamics.

I was once there too. I first had to understand what the problem was before I could fix it.

The pervasive issue:

The pervasive issue when it comes to manifesting is the disconnection from the powerful divine feminine essence that we all have a right to experience.

I’m talking about your Goddess energy. You possess it, regardless of your sex. It represents the balance of the masculine and feminine energies within us all.

Being disconnected from your Inner Goddess creates all sorts of problems: being afraid to speak your truth, tolerating toxic relationships, seeking external validation, negative self-talk, trying to control others, people-pleasing and doing all the “right” things — yet still feeling trapped in an unfulfilling life situation.

This is an exhausting way to live.

Don’t beat yourself up — none of us were taught any other way.

There is another way, the way of the Goddess.

Underneath all that social conditioning exists a divinely powerful Goddess.

It is your divine right to reveal her.

Embracing your Goddess essence looks like: honoring your truth, knowing your worth, understanding your emotions, setting boundaries and trusting the universe.

When you learn how to use your natural Goddess-given power you can create a life that is fulfilling and purposeful.

Discover your Inner Goddess.

If exploring your inner goddess sounds woo-woo to you, it actually isn’t as out there as you might think.

It simply means learning how to lead with your divine feminine energy and creating from that space.

You must become familiar with your feminine essence on a fundamental level. Many who have a natural desire to lead with feminine energy (often women) are not used to being in feminine energy for longs periods of time.

We’ve been trained to exist in a perpetual state of masculine energy. Spending most of your time in masculine energy will eventually lead to burnout, relationship issues, depression and all sorts of other problems.

And moving through the world using only your masculine energy will inevitably make you work extra hard for less results. The key is balance — using both the masculine and feminine within and balancing the two.

What are masculine and feminine energies?

Masculine energy is about DOING: it is logical, goal-oriented, proactive and externally-focused. The power of the divine masculine is rooted in raw power, assertiveness and taking action in the world.

Feminine energy is BEING: it is receptive, intuitive, nurturing, sensual and inner-focused. The power of the divine feminine lies in the mysterious and is rooted in sensuality, allowing and receiving. It is expressed through intuition, e-motion (energy in motion) and inspiration.

Goddess energy is created when the divine masculine and divine feminine meet. When both energies are activated, we blend strength, determination and courage with receptivity, spirituality and tenderness.

This is the sacred space of creation. 

Life becomes a whole lot easier when you embrace the receiving energy of the feminine (which is available to everyone).

Learning how to use this goddess-given power can transform your entire life.

My path to Conscious Manifesting:

I know what it’s like to struggle through life feeling like there has to be something more.

I spent years in the corporate world, climbing the ladder — always hoping the next role or position would finally bring me happiness.

Happiness never came. I was trying so hard to control outcomes. I spent so much time forcing and pushing my way through life and I was getting nowhere. It was exhausting.

It took compounding and debilitating trauma for me to wake up and realize that I was doing life wrong.

I finally woke up to the realization that I had been manifesting the whole time, as we all do, just not the people, things and situations I actually wanted.

It wasn’t until I turned inward and got honest with myself that I could begin to manifest my truest desires.

I peeled back many layers of social conditioning and uncovered my powerful divine feminine essence that was in hiding.

I learned there was a big difference between what I actually wanted versus what I was told I “should” want out of life.

You know what happens when you “should” on yourself?

You ending up living the life someone else expects of you.

You are always manifesting.

Humans are manifesting beings. You are always manifesting, regardless of whether you’re conscious of it.

Every life circumstance you experience is directly linked to your beliefs, emotional state, level of self-awareness and self-worth. This is true whether you believe it or not.

Conscious manifesting on the other hand, requires skill.

It doesn’t matter what you want to manifest, when you learn how to work with your goddess connection, you can co-create with the universe and uncover possibilities that were once unavailable to you.

You can learn to be a conscious manifestor.

“Manifestation tools don’t work for me.”

If you have been using tools like the law of attraction, visualization and affirmations and you are not getting the results you want, there are one of two different things happening.

  1. Either your belief systems are getting in the way, or

  2. You don’t know the laws of manifesting — which are at work all the time.

It’s time to try something different.

“You are powerful beyond measure.”

The Manifest Like a Goddess Program

My intention for creating this program was to share my hard-earned knowledge of the nuances of manifesting that came with decades of trial and error. It doesn’t have to be a difficult path like it was for me.

The Manifest Like a Goddess Program will show you how powerful you actually are and teach you to work with the energy of receiving. You will begin to understand that you are an extension of source consciousness and you have the power of the entire universe behind you.

You’ll learn how to eliminate any obstacle, make decisions with clarity and manifest your true desires — even if it seems impossible in this moment.

This program has everything you need to learn how to manifest the dreams you hold most dear into your reality.

Happiness is your birthright.

It’s your divine right to define your own personal brand of happiness. You deserve to have every experience you desire and to live a life filled with abundance and purpose.

Are you ready to manifest a soul-fulfilling life experience?

I can show you how to manifest (make stuff happen) like a Goddess (using your feminine energy) so you can claim your goddess essence and design your magnificent life.

You are a goddess and you can learn to manifest like one.

I want to manifest Like a Goddess!

I’m sending you all so much love and light,

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