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Are you ready to change the world? I’m leading an 8 week Unitive Justice Theory course to help ordinary people with extraordinary hope and motivation learn life-changing conflict resolution practices and begin to operate from a place of openness and love for humanity.



(16-minute read) These days, I’m spending a lot of time in silent aloneness, writing. It’s part of my personal healing journey. In response to the


My Unraveling

This journey called life is full of immense beauty and also full of heart-wrenching sadness. If we don’t dive into the depths of our pain and walk through the darkness, we will never reach the light — and true happiness will forever elude us.

And I believe that sharing our own stories and hearing the stories of others is what gives us hope, as well as the courage to show up as our amazing, authentic selves.

Here is where my immense heartbreak began:


It’s time to unlock your purpose.

Knowing your purpose empowers you to make a difference in a way that only YOU can. It makes your path clear and it offers validation which helps you relax into your authentic self — which is where inner peace and freedom live.


Conflict: The bridge between separation & connection

Conflict is a gift – because it serves as the bridge between separation and connection. Yet, conflict is so uncomfortable, the gifts that it offers are difficult to recognize when we’re in the throes of it. We feel defensive, compile evidence, blame, shame and then separate. What if we could instead lean in and receive those wonderful gifts?


When the dark cloud comes, just hold space.

I’ve been reminiscing about when life was simple. This is a picture of me on my dad’s boat in 1998. I didn’t have one worry in the world. Life was good.

We are all having our own personal experience with this quarantine. Life has become more simple and complicated, all at once. There are a lot of emotions to sift through.


The Mask

While walking through the grocery store yesterday, it struck me how strange it feels to actually witness all these people wearing masks on their faces. In that moment, I felt like I was living in a movie.


2020: The Year of Stability

Welcome to the Year of Stability. As the year progresses, inner clarity will grow amplify until we reach perfect vision. In numerology, 2020 represents the number 4: (2+0+2+0 = 4) which is the number of stability and physical manifestation. The dreams you birthed in 2018 and 2019 are ready to be actualized. 


Adventures on Walden Pond

My father had been a lifelong subscriber to the transcendentalist movement and often quoted Emerson, Thoreau and Whitman. He was an artist who preferred to live simply. And he resented having to live in a world of social injustice.